Friday, February 7, 2014

What I learned in homeschool today

1) Meteorology: I learned just how hard it is to predict storms, especially when the weatherman says you will get no snow--and you get three inches.

2) Algebra: Two little boys try to get their snow clothes on at the same time. They put their snow gloves on at exactly the same time, but it takes boy #1 three times longer than boy #2 to get the rest of his gear on. If it takes boy #1 22 minutes to get ready to play in the snow, and boy #2 8 minutes, how long did it take for them to get their snow gloves on? (Okay, really simple algebra, but I couldn't come up with some mind-bending equation) ;0)

3) Art: "Drawing" snow angels and creating sculptures of snow (also known as snowmen).

4) Physical Education: Carrying your little brother up the sledding hill in the slippery snow. Nuff' said.

5) Physics:  Lots of practical examples of Newton's laws of motion, trajectory of snowballs, rate of acceleration of sled down hill, and unfortunately, impact of a moving object (Me on a sled) hitting a solid one (tree).

6) First-Aid: Treating the injury of the before-mentioned physics lesson. Thankfully, no stiches--only a bruised and bloody, throbbing shin. ;0)

So what do you think? Did I build a solid case for why we were outside playing in the snow on a school day? I mean, what else is a guy to do when he lives at his school? It's not like I can simply concoct some story about not being able to make it to school due to extreme weather conditions or anything. So I improvised. ;0)


  1. Hey Kyle, that looks like FUN! Here in the "Valley of the Sun" it is severe clear and 75 degrees. Your cousin Daniel and I will be playing golf on Monday again and expect to be wearing shorts and golf shirts/hats. Think it takes me about 2 min to get the golf shoes on. So, 75 degrees, divided by 2 minutes equals 37.5 degrees per shoe. You still have to factor in the putting on of 1 golf glove and 2 hours to play 9 holes of golf. Do the math! Wish you were here to play the course with us! Love, Papa

  2. Well, let's just say that it took you one minute to get your golf glove on. That's another 37.5 degrees. Next we factor in the two hours of 9-hole golf (or 4.5 holes per hour). Converting the hours to minutes gives us 120 minutes, and times those minutes by the amount of gloriously warm sun rays you take in each minute (translated as 37.5 degrees), and you get 4,500 degrees. Add that with the 75 degrees of sun you took in while putting your shoes on and the additional 37.5 degrees you took in while putting your glove on, and Voila! We get a total of 4612.5 degrees of sun you took in during a simple game of golf. Okay, I'm jealous. ;0)

    I sure do miss you, Papa, and wish I was up there to play some golf with you! Not that I would be any good at it . . . but the company would make it worthwhile by a long shot! :0) Love you!

  3. Three inches... how cute. :) We've got around a foot at our house, and unfortunately, I don't really like the powdery white stuff.

    We went sledding today, (actually, tried, is more like it), and it was hard work carrying the toddlers up a hill through all that snow! Talk about a total body workout...Wish we could pass some of our snow off to you. :) Give me warm weather any day..

  4. Emily, How could you? Snow is awesome! :0P You'll get your warm weather eventually . . . In summer!