Saturday, February 8, 2014

Just so I am not outdone by my friends . . .

So there! Even the ex-Arizonians know how to play in the snow! (actually, I am going out to Chehalis to play Frisbee with some friends this afternoon)

 And oh yeah, It wasn't cold . . . at all

A shout out to Evan S. and Jordan S. for the inspiration for these pictures. Your courage was truly motivating . . . ;0)


  1. Not bad, Kyle! I congratulate you on your huge militancy! JK

  2. LOL... I laughed out loud!

    Hey.. it looks like we got more snow then you! :P

  3. Way to go! Were you pushed by your sisters? Jk ;)

  4. That's impressive Kyle:) but I have to say i'd be more impressed by a picture of your carrying water to your sisters animals......;)

  5. Thanks, everyone! :0)

    Jordan: Militancy? I can't for the life of me figure out what it has to do with snow, short sleeves, and shorts . . .

    Mrs. Strang: Glad you got a good laugh out of it. :0)

    Eden: I don't know . . . It's a blizzard at our place right now. I had to park my car at the bottom of the hill this evening and walk all the way up our drive. It's piling up quick! We'll see who has more snow in the end! :0P

    Evan: No, they wanted nothing to do with this for some reason . . . Thanks for commenting!

    Elanee: Hmmm, I actually think that running around in the snow with summer clothes on is easier . . . (glances over his shoulder in fear that his sisters are nearby)


  6. Ha ha! Very fun. :D You will have to keep an eye on our blogs for some more pictures we took today. ;)
    My sisters and I did a Barefoot Snow Sprint this morning. So much fun! :D

  7. @Kyle: It's just that it takes a lot to get oneself out there... JK I was more than happy to do it!

  8. Bethany: Will do! Snow is fun, isn't it? Of course, if my footprints are mistaken for Bigfoot's in proportion to my size, what will your footprints be mistaken for? I'm guessing something pretty small . . . :0P

    Jordan: Oh, now I get it! Kinda . . .

  9. Ahem.

    I have never met someone around my age that has smaller feet than I do. I can wear anything form a size 4 to a 6. :P

    Hm, they would probably be mistaken for a baby going barefoot. Naw, they are (a little) bigger than that! :P

  10. LOL! Maybe a toddler then . . . :0P

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