Sunday, February 9, 2014

A few snow pics

My poor abandoned hotrod . . . it couldn't make it up the hill last night (not that it is lacking muscle or anything)

Look! We had fourteen inches of snow pile up! Okay, only in the drifts . . .

Ice forming on the chain running down one of our gutter drains
Timmy in his snow cave

 My snow cave (not that I could fit in it) ;0)

Joe in my cave

It has been so much fun playing in the snow! We had a total of around 6 or 7 inches probably, but with all the wind and drifts it was hard to get a good measurement. So I'll just say that around 14" piled up! ;0)


  1. Great post, Kyle...loved seeing the pictures of the boys and their little snow shelters! :-)

  2. Your car couldn't make it up the hill??? Are you *sure* it's a he? ;-)

  3. Thanks, Lydia! Ahem, ahem, I took the photos myself (with a borrowed/stolen camera of course). :0)

    The blog administrator refuses to offer further comment on his car.