Thursday, February 6, 2014

Weathermen are human--thank goodness!!!

The weather forecast for today was: partly sunny, with a high of around 30 degrees. Yes, we are in the middle of another cold snap here in WA, but the weatherman assured us there would be no snow involved--just sun.

Ha ha! He was wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is a mini-blizzard out there! We have already had about 2 inches fall, and some pretty wild gusts of wind have been whipping the snow into drifts--and even onto our porch!
The boys of the household are intensely excited and already talking about bazillion-mile-an-hour sled rides and epic snow battles! The girls' opinion is decidedly lukewarm . . . and I don't know why. Can't they see that snow is God's unique blessing and gift for all mankind to enjoy? And there may still be several more inches of blessings to come in the next couple of days! (contented sigh) God is good.
(and no, those are not Bigfoot's tracks in case you were wondering)

 Victoria smiled slyly at me a few moments ago and remarked that: "Oh, look, it's going to warm up in a few days! It is supposed to get up to forty degrees on Saturday!" No doubt her comment was two-fold: 1) To give herself the false (and heretical, I might add) hope that the snow won't stick around that long, and 2) To tease me, knowing my irrepressible love of snow. Don't worry. I didn't fall for it.
After all, weathermen are human; they get things wrong.


  1. And aren't we glad the weatherman get things wrong:) Snow is so amazing, and beautiful and such a gift from God. Oh and in case you were wondering, why the snow came when it wasn't supposed to, I think it came as a birthday present from God to me, cause He knew how much I like snow. The rest of Oregon and Washington just gets to share part of my birthday gift from God:) enjoy!!!!!!!!

    Btw I love the last picture....hurray for braving the snow in bare feet;)

  2. Yes! I am glad to find another snow enthusiast! Way to go, Elanee!

    Happy birthday! How kind of you to share your birthday present with most of WA and OR! ;0)

  3. Did you know that Weathermen are the ONLY people that can be wrong 95% percent of the time and yet keep their jobs??? Talk about job security! JK

    I confess, I don't like snow! I'm from So-Cal so we're used to perfect weather all the time... The type where you swim! (We're a BIG swimming family!)

  4. Hahaha... oh Kyle, aren't you sweet. I'm fairly certain I just heard you offer to haul those buckets of warm water to the horses/goats every day while there is snow on the ground! Okay maybe I didn't hear that, but it is a thought..... You only need to do that 2-3 times a day, and just three 5 gallon buckets and three 1 gallon buckets each time, so it really isn't too bad. Maybe you can take them down to the barn on your fun little sled! :D Hey, that's what sisters are for you know, thinking up GREAT ideas! So, since you love the snow so much, I just signed you up for something that will help you enjoy it even MORE!! Man, this is great! I'm excited for you!

    Okay I'm kidding... I still don't think it's a bad idea though. Now don't get me wrong, the snow can be nice and enjoyable. And it is beautiful for the first day or two... :) I actually was excited when it started snowing since we have had so little snow this winter!

    Happy Birthday Elanee! I hope you has a wonderful day!


  5. Wow, are those Sasquat's foot prints?

    Victoria, did he offer to do that?? Let me know if he does cause he could head over here next!! I think Jordan could use a friend to haul the hay and water up the snowy hill.... this is sounding pretty good!

  6. Oh, I also braved the weather for bare feet in the snow. It was so cold!!

  7. Uhhh... well he didn't exactly offer, yet! I'm still working on talking him into it. :D I don't know why he would refuse....?


  8. Jordan: Yeah, just imagine if doctors got things wrong 95% of the time!--Okay, maybe that's not so funny . . . :0P Yeah, I know how much you guys like to swim. I remember seeing you and a couple of your siblings run up to us on the beach, in the middle of October, completely drenched, shivering almost uncontrollably, with teeth chattering . .. . and I thought to myself: "what *crazy* people!" :0P

    Shiloh: What is a sasquat? I think you meant sasquatch, but I got what you were trying to get across. :0P No, no sasquatches around here . . . just some extra large footprints that people keep mistaking as evidence for Bigfoot. Strangely, the only time they get this "evidence" is when I run around outside barefoot . . . Read below for my answer to your question.

    My dear little sister: Oh, you know me! I am always being chivalrous and gentlemanly, opening doors for you, letting you go first, and nonchalantly reaching for you those things in high places, seeing you straining every inch of your little height to reach something I can grab while remaining flatfooted. :0P So of course I would be willing to help! I'll send you a bill afterwards . . .

  9. Amen Kyle! That's the way to go! Work now, pay later!

    Okay... I'm kidding!

    We're not crazy!!! We're just.......... amm.... Crazy!

  10. Very funny...

    Okay fine, no more cookies etc. for you! I'll have the other sister agree to keep them away from you too. :D Hehe.


  11. Little sis: NOOOOOO!!! I take it back, every single word! Please don't! I'll haul water, I'll muck your stalls, I'll-I'll even clean the snot off your goats' noses!!! Please?

    -Your worried big brother

    Jordan: My thoughts exactly--on everything you typed above! ;0P


  12. Ha! I knew that would work. Okay, deal. :)


    1. Excellent idea, Victoria! I'm following suit. :)
      You hear that Jordan? No cookies, no breakfast, no - I'll come up with some more things.....