Sunday, September 15, 2013

Homeschool Dance

Oh, it was a ball! We arrived at the house of our new friends, the Vangelders, at around 1:15 PM and stayed till around 9:00. The Vangelders' place was very nice; they had a perfect grassy area for dancing, a creek, and a volleyball area. We helped set up tables and chairs at first, then enjoyed a game of volleyball as more families arrived. The dancing started at around 3:30 and continued between dinner and dessert for the rest of the afternoon and evening. It was so awesome to meet new friends and strengthen the bond of friendship between the families we met last week at the picnic! Up until this point, my family has really not had a lot of families we felt like we could relate to (we are rather alien to most "normal" people), and we older quads have been able to make very few friends as a result. Though having your siblings as your closest friends is all well and good, there is a gap that I think all of my older siblings and I feel.

  Happily, this gap has been bridged these last two Saturdays! We have met many friends, boy and girl, that share the same worldview and ideals with us. It was so refreshing!

  As far as the dancing goes, It was a great time! Even better, I was able to convince those around me fairly well that I had some clue as to what I was doing. :0) I danced with several of the prettiest girls there, my sisters and mom, and also worked up the courage to ask one or two girls of other families to dance (also very pretty, I must add). We had only learned three dances when we showed up, but during the course of the day we learned several more. The only bad thing that happened during the day was that Caroline tripped and twisted her ankle really good on one of the first dances, keeping her out of the dancing for the rest of the afternoon. :0( Poor sis, it has swelled up quite a bit and she wasn't even able to come to church this morning because of it. :0( :0(  Our homeschool friends were so sweet, though; they ran around getting her ice-packs and anti-swelling cream and voicing their regrets over her injury.

Here's a video of me and Victoria dancing the Posties Jig
I know I for one look forward to seeing my new friends again, and it is safe to say that so does my family! The guy beside me wearing the brown T-shirt in the video is also named Kyle, funny enough, and became a friend of mine. He joins the list of my Kyle-named friends right alongside Kyle Moore (A.K.A. Moore Kyle or Kyle 2#), my best friend/neighbor. Who knows, at this rate I will have a small army of fellow "Kyles" before I kick the bucket. :0)


  1. We had a ball too! Hope you see you all again soon! :)

  2. Hey Kyle,

    That was a ton of fun!!! Great seeing you guys there and getting to "formally" meet you!

    God bless!