Sunday, September 15, 2013


First off, this is a pretty embarrassing post, but since I definitely could use some pray the next few days, here goes. When I was four years old, I had to have a small operation on a certain part of my body to clear some skin that was blocking my urine stream. Well, the last few months of so my urine stream has gotten slower and somewhat painful and it has become increasingly hard to empty my bladder (thus more trips to the bathroom :0( ). After finally having enough sense to have this rather embarrassing problem checked out, it has been discovered that some scar tissue from my previous operation is partially blocking my Urethra. Another surgery is needed tomorrow morning to clear this tissue.

   It is a very simple operation to remove this scar tissue, but due to the . . . well let us say "delicate" area where it will be performed, your prayers would be much appreciated. The worst part will be after the surgery as I will be down and out for a few days and, during that time, will have to use a catheter. Sigh. As you can guess, I am looking forward to just getting this over with. There is also a slight concern that my bladder may have contracted a little as it had to work harder to empty itself, which would be a problem. Please pray that my urinary tract will not be affected at all and that no more scar tissue will build up. I definitely do not want to have this operation again. Thank you in advance for your prayers!

On a lighter note, be sure to check out my post of the homeschool dance below!


  1. Praying for you today Kyle. hopefully surgery is over and went well and we pray that healing will be swift and permanent. We love you, Meemom and papa Bob

  2. Yikes, Kyle. That's doesn't sound like any fun at all. :( Hope all goes well for you and that you are back to normal in no time at all.