Sunday, August 4, 2013

A belated post!

Hi, faithful blog followers! Sorry it has been a little while. As you can tell, I've been busy . . . .

All of this fun was not only to celebrate Benjamin's birthday, but also for a special week-long visit from my grandparents Grammie and Papa! It was so nice to take a break from my long days of work and just enjoy some summer fun!
The Birthday Boy!
There's Grammie and Papa, and our fearless captain

The "original" five! :0)
As most of you know, Papa and I got to talking some smack back and forth on the blog a while ago about who would win an arm wrestle between the two of us. On Tuesday, we got to see who was right, and who was talking trash.
This is not what it appears to be. To win this short-lived victory, Papa used trickery and treachery, which, as you may guess, IS AGAINST THE RULES. He distracted me and then slammed my hand down using BOTH arms! As it was put on my mom's blog: "The first round goes to old age and treachery, as Papa distracts and defeats his opponent before Kyle even knew what happened! (The) second round, however, goes to youth and "rock wall" strength!"

Speaking of "rock wall", I showed them the "Great Wall of Mossyrock" as well.

I could post more - there is a ton of pictures! - but I am very tired. Check out Mommy's blog for pictures of the rip-roaring Mossyrock Blueberry Festival, including the pie-eating contest between my dad and one of our brothers in Christ from church! It was pretty hilarious. Yawn, goodnight!

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