Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Ray Comfort video!

Ray Comfort has done it again! This morning I watched the latest and greatest of his movies. This newest movie, set to be released on YouTube August 7th, is called Evolution Vs. God, and it was very good! In Evolution Vs. God, Ray Comfort exposes Evolution for what it really is: a belief. And as Ray Comfort asks pointed questions to students and top professors at UCLA,  you will see just how much faith it takes to believe in the lie of evolution. I strongly recommend watching this movie! Though it is not available on YouTube till August 7th, you can download the movie for $19.99 at its website: This $19.99 price may sound a little high for a 36 minute movie download, but I again strongly recommend you do so. Here is a personal message from Ray Comfort that explains the charge:

 We would have preferred to simply make this important resource available freely via YouTube, but producing a movie the caliber of "Evolution vs. God" is an expensive project. So we are asking you to participate in a special partnership funding opportunity by downloading this video for $19.99 now. In doing so you will help us to recoup our costs as well as to underwrite the cost of producing the actual DVDs for this important outreach project.
Then on August 7th, we will release the movie on YouTube and also make it available on DVD for $5 each, plus big discounts for bulk purchase (ten for $20). By downloading it now, you will be helping us, getting to see it a week early, and as a token of appreciation, you will also get the resources below:

  • A download (PDF) of a special, 24-page "Evolution vs. God" Companion Guide, with questions for reflection/discussion. Part 1 provides more information about evolution, arming you with additional evidence to refute the statements made by the professors and students on the video. Part 2 will help equip you to share the gospel confidently and biblically. Includes a fascinating "behind the scenes" write-up of how Ray managed to get such unique interviews with evolutionary scientists.

  • A download (PDF) of Ray's new book, Jaws Without Teeth ($6.99 value). More than 200 questions and objections with short, common-sense responses to those who embrace the foolishness of atheism and the unscientific, unobservable blind faith of evolution.
    "Once again, Ray Comfort shows us how to take our faith to the streets. His answers to atheists are direct and bold, and yet love and concern flows from every response. This book will not only help the Christian to be a better witness, but it is also an encouragement and joy to read." Paul Washer

    P.S. Another benefit of downloading the movie is that if you have slow internet like we do, a downloaded video will not pause like a YouTube video. ;0)

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