Thursday, July 25, 2013


My dear kinsmen and friends, when words cannot express the sheer exultation of the conqueror, when the few words we fashion cannot communicate our joy, a few words, simply put, are enough. That is why, when I utter the two words most prominent in my mind at this glorious moment, I am sure you will understand my sheer jubilance: "no cavities!"  What more, my kinsmen and friends, is there to say?  The day is still sweet, the sun is still bright, and I will not have to see the shadow-filled halls of the dentist again till February!



  1. Good for you! Same here (I think, though it's been a few months since I went to the dentist!)

    Where do you go to the dentist, anyway?

    I go to Chehalis Family Dental or something like that, and I like my dentist's office - that is, as much as you can like a dentist. :-)

  2. We go to Ash and Robert's Dental in Centralia, a few blocks from your church. I think the doctors and most of the staff are Christians; they play Christian music and there is an overall Christian theme to the place. It is really not the shadow-filled place I make it out to be. :0)

    The doctor mentioned that I might have to have my wisdom teeth removed in the future. I think I remember from an old post that you have already had that procedure?

    Truly I am glad, my friend, that the decay of the teeth has not oppressed you! :0)

  3. I had my wisdom teeth out last summer. It was not so fun of a recovery for a couple weeks but eventually my mouth was once again pain-free. The thing is, it was very important for me to get my wisdom teeth out because my jaw was too small to hold all my original teeth plus the wisdom teeth. Also my wisdom teeth grew in sideways on the bottom, so they pushed the rest of my teeth crooked. After I got them out they moved back most of the way so they are fairly straight again. But the oral surgeon said if I had left them in, my teeth would have continued to get more out of alignment. However, it's probably not so much of an urgent deal for you to get yours out because generally boys and men have more room in their mouths than girls and women.

  4. Same problem here; there is just no room for my wisdom teeth. My teeth are already so tight together that the hygienist said it was hard to floss them. Oh well, that's just how the ball rolls I guess.