Tuesday, July 23, 2013

To my dear Kinsmen and friends

Alas, the time has come again. Two nights from now, I will again be summoned to the place of great trial, the place that haunts my innermost thoughts in the deepest dark of the night, the place that seeks to strangle me in its utter dreadfulness. The Moon will rise tomorrow night, adorning all of creation in silver light, but then it must give way to dawn, and then day. The rising of the sun in all its warm glory will not comfort me that day, though, for I must return to the labyrinth of halls I once tread in fear.
  Nay, do not worry, my kinsmen, for it is not as it once was. I will return to the place I fear as a stalwart warrior, and I will again conquer. I must. There may be a day when I lose this struggle, when I can no longer stand before you as one who has not been conquered - but it will not be that day! On Thursday I will again hear the edict that will confirm my victory, the edict that will ring through the shadow-filled halls of that dreaded place: "no cavities"! Oh how sweet those two words will be to my waiting ears, like the first drops of water to parched lips. Until then, kinsmen and friends, I will continue to brush my teeth, even now, till they shine the purest white, like the first snow of winter!

 Ahem, in case you were wondering, my teeth will probably never be a "purest white". I do hope I have no cavities this Thursday at our dental appointments, though. :o)

(If you are wondering why in the world I posted this odd, Shakespeareish post, you need to view this post from my last dental visit: http://all4thegloryofgod.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-end-is-nearby-kyle.html


  1. Wow! I was really confused for a second! This is a very well-written post. :-)

  2. Thanks! You must have thought I was about to enter the gladiator's ring for a second, huh? :0)

  3. Here's the secret that keeps me cavity free. Flossing! Since I started doing it every day (about 20 years ago), I don't get cavities anymore, and my gums don't bleed when I get my teeth cleaned. Tip for the day. :D

  4. Ah hah! I will keep that tip in mind. :0)

  5. Oh Mr. Drama Queen :-)
    LOL Love how you write, Kyle. It's entertaining. A country bumpkin like me don't even know how you come up with them fancy wordage.
    Glad you didn't have any cavities. I feel so bad for Timmy though!
    Love ya!

  6. Bumpkin - how done you speled that thear word, Sis? Yer grasp ah spelin' is umazin'!