Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Michigan family!

Hi, folks! The past two days (Sunday, Monday) we have been visiting with Michigan family. I so enjoyed our time together! It was a little dicey at first, only because I didn't know most of the family (I was six years old the last time we visited), but after we got properly introduced, I had a great time! There was lots of good food, including barbecue chicken pizza (YUM!), plenty of awesome company, and lots and lots of fun! It was a ball.  Another plus was just being able to have a reprieve from our long days on the road!

 One of the best things about the visit was that there were two boys about my age, Jake (17) and Zach (15). We hung out for most of the stay. I even got to help them set up a couple of baseball fields on Monday, which is something I have always wanted to do. I guess it is a job that Jake picked up at the beginning of the year. We dragged the infield, set up the bases, redid the chalk-lines, and several other things. Ah, baseball. :0) We had a great time together, and I wish I could see those guys more often! They are two very nice Christian young men.

 There were plenty of activities. I played Frisbee football, whiffleball, basketball, Ping-Pong, bean bag toss, ladder ball, and many other things during the stay. It was especially fun Monday night when the whole family played whiffleball and Frisbee football (it is not a contact sport if you were wondering).With so many people on either teams, it was a little hectic but still fun. The winning teams won by a large margin in both games, and I was on the winning team both times. :0) :0) :0) I think it was like 18-7 for the whiffleball game and 46-10 for Frisbee football.

Any who, be sure to check Mommy's blog for all the pictures of our stay! Onwards we go!


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome visit with the family! I bet that was fun setting up the ball field with Jake and Zach. They sound like such nice young men!
    Thanks for keeping us updated!
    Love you,

  2. Good job on setting up the baseball field. Sounds like a busy two days, but loads of fun!!!! So glad you are all having a good time!!! Love, Meemom

  3. Hi, Meemom! Yes, loads of fun! Love You!

    And I love you too, Lydia. :0)