Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day 3

Hi folks! Well, we are currently in Wisconsin, many, many miles away from where we started. It is 6:10 here, which means we have lost two hours so far in our trek across the U.S.A. It took me this long to finally give up a long, bloody battle against the gremlins in this computer, my sisters' old, half-dead one. My plan was to take videos along all the landmarks and post them on this blog, but this computer is just not capable of processing the videos. It over-heated when I almost had the first video converted to Youtube and shut down, and when it is not over-heating, it is incredibly slow. Also, if you have watched my first video, you will have noticed that even if I manage to post one the video quality is pretty bad. I do not want any unnecessary stress on this trip, so I am sorry, friends, but I have given up. I will not be able to take you along on this trip through video. If I was in a little bit better of a mood, not my car-sick, bedraggled, slightly-on-edge mood, I would probably give you some Shakespeare-like lines. :0) Then again, lads and lasses, it might become me to lose myself in the glorious tongue of old, this sweet, symphonic expressions of the earlier, more enlightened days. Well, that's enough of that. I am pretty bored.

 Anyway, yesterday we had two breaks in our travel for the day. The first was Mount Rushmore, which was really cool! I am glad we got to see it. I almost got rammed by a mountain goat there, strangely enough (I was trying to feed the wild beast a handful of grass). Thanks to my farm experience, I noticed the subtle signs that the ram was more interested in pounding me than eating from my hand and backed off. It brought back memories of running across our pasture with Isaac, Lydia's former ram, hot on my heels. Ah, the good days. :0)

Our second stop was a place called Wall Drug, a veritable tourist trap.It reminded me a lot of the little place in Longbeach that is the home to Jake the Alligator Man (what, you have never heard of him?).The place was about to close when we got there, so we didn't get to see much,. I did, however, get to pick up a few practical joke props, including a whoopie cushion. The trip got a little less boring afterwards. :0) And on that note, I guess I will stop my ramblings. Adios for now, Amigos. Oh wait, let me try out some of the Spanish I am learning: Donde esta el Bano? :0) I am VERY bored.


  1. Actually, I have also been to the Jake the Alligator Man. You are right, it is very touristy, and a little scary as well, from what I remember. Bummer you won't be posting any videos, but it is super difficult to do anything but look out the window on a trip of that length.

  2. Look out the window, and get car sick . . .