Saturday, May 11, 2013

East Coast Trip: Day 1

Hi everyone! Well, so much for that idea. We installed an internet server in our camper, but so far, it has been incredibly slow. Or maybe it's just this old computer. Any who, I tried to do a post yesterday, but technical problems hampered me. So here is the post of our first day of our trip.

Today (Thursday) was our first day on the road for our East Coast trip! Here is a video I made while I was bored (we spent fifteen hours on the road):

We have left Washington behind, going across the Idaho Pan Handle and deep into Montana here on this first day. Tomorrow we will cross over Wyoming and into South Dakota to see our first landmark: Mount Rushmore! 


  1. Finally got this published! Technical difficulties galore! Must be the gremlins, Grandpa.

  2. For sure! Just wondering, when you took your D.C. trip, did you drive or get to fly? After 30 hours of driving in this cramped camper, I hope you got to fly.

  3. Oh Kyle, thanks for posting that video of everyone! I had a great time watching it this morning, laughed a lot! :-) Miss you and everyone so much!!!!

  4. We flew. It was a Red Eye flight, starting at 11:30 pm Pacific Time. We arrived in the early morning East Coast time, and then we immediately started our tour. We were all pretty tired by the end of the day.:-) My eighth grade class at Centralia Christian School went together.

  5. Thanks, Lydia! The trips aren't the same without you! How's the animal care-taking going?

    Kari, ouch! not sure which I would choose, but probably still the plane flight. Hey, at least we got to see Mount Rushmore.