Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cedar Point!

Hi everyone! Well, after leaving our Michigan family, I thought we were in for some more long hours of driving. After all, Niagara Falls was our only stop before we headed to Plymouth, Massachusetts. Thankfully, though, our parents had a surprise for us! Completely out of the blue and after only six or so hours of driving, we approached a huge amusement park with towering roller coasters. My little bros and I admired these towering thrill rides from inside the camper, wistfully thinking about how much fun it would be to ride some of them. Little did we know that that was exactly the plan! Mommy and Daddy had planned a trip to this amazing park, called Cedar Point, secretly as a way to surprise us. And their plan worked. We were all very surprised and excited (especially us boys). This surprise ranks up there with many of the surprises of the past (it's hard to pass up your surprise trips, Grammie and Papa :0) ).

 We arrived at Cedar Point on Tuesday (the day we left the Michigan family) and stayed there till early this morning (Thursday) at a nice campground Cedar Point has just outside of the park. We camped right next to an outdoor swimming pool (making the boys really happy) and a building with a laundry mat and showers in it (which made the girls very happy :0) ). Wednesday was the only day we entered the park, so we made sure to get our money's worth of rides in. We were in the park from the minute it opened to the minute it closed!

I had high expectations for this park, and rightfully so. Cedar Point has the tallest and fastest roller coasters in the world! Yes, the world! The day, however, started out pretty much like this:

Now let me explain, for I would hate for you to get the wrong impression of this totally awesome park. First off, any people staying in the campground or hotels of Cedar Point got to get in the park an hour early, so of course my family used this offer. We were in the gates at 9:00 AM sharp. But thanks to an intruding, rather heavy thunderstorm, all the rides were closed. :0( The first ride opened after the thunderstorm passed, the illustrious, awe-inspiring Midway Carousel! It was a wild ride, as seen in this picture below (Daddy sipping coffee behind me is a dead giveaway :0) ):

Thankfully, the inclement weather passed quickly, and by high noon we were enjoying many awesome coasters. Some of the big rides were closed due to the after effect winds of the storm, but me and Timmy (he was just tall enough!) got to hit those rides in the evening after they opened. We both rode the tallest and fastest coaster in the world! It was a great day!

We are now back on the road with our next stop, Niagra Falls, only an hour away. One week down, two to go!


  1. We loved Cedar Point! Esp. the roller coasters, maybe not so much Papa but grammie would spend hours in line waiting for the highest and longest.So glad your mom and dad took you there.We will always remember hiding the Condor and sneaking up on your baseball game and the other surprise visit at the ice cream shop. Love you so much G & P

  2. Yes, I will always remember those memories too! I remember blowing by you on my warm-up run during the baseball game thinking, "Wow, D-back fans here?" I didn't even look up at your faces until my second pass. :0) I was so serious about my baseball playing back then!

    Love you and miss you! Kyle