Thursday, May 16, 2013

A few cool pictures

 Benny in his first car, a souped-up pick-up truck. And I don't even have my first car yet! The handsome little stud is obviously an overachiever already. Just look at that sly grin!

Here is some wildlife we saw a couple of days ago while we were stopped for lunch. The pictures were taken by an awesome photographer . . . me!

Guess what these geese are guarding?

Eggs! And they were very unhappy with us getting close to them. Papa Goose attacked me when I got too close. I think that was the closest I came to screaming like a girl in a long time. So much for, "stand back, little guys, I've got this!"

Something about boys wanting to get closer and angry parent geese just doesn't mix. 

A cuter, though more shy specimen of the wildlife we saw that day. 

Mr. Squirrel eating a cracker we gave him. Awwwww!

 Mr. Squirrel eating his cracker from a safer vantage point after he heard the boys talking about trying to lure him in and catch him with their butterfly nets.

So, did I mistake my calling? Maybe I should have been a photographer! :0)

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  1. Those are all great pictures of the wildlife Kyle! You guys should have taken the eggs and hatched them like on "Fly away Home" Wouldn't that have made for an interesting ride home.

    I love the picture of Benjamin in his first pickup...he's obviously a true Mossyrock country boy.

    P.s. I like the names you have for the dogs, they're perfect. Especially Maya's...she's hilarious how she slinks around and licks and wags her tail and glues herself to your leg. She's definitely overly sweet!