Sunday, October 5, 2014


Hey y'all! Sorry for the lack of posts on here recently. Life has been full over here, but extremely good! I just started a new apprenticeship job last week, working for a tree removal and pruning business. Between that and my business, I have plenty of work and am enjoying every second of it.

Also, this Saturday we got to have some awesome new friends over from Vancouver! It was great to get to know them and play volleyball, dynamite, Ultimate Frisbee, and spoons! ;0) Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures. :0/

Another great thing: My best friend, Kyle #2--cough cough #1--also came down this weekend! It was great to hang with him some yesterday and today as well. Yes, he still claims to be taller than me, but that is highly debatable. ;0)

And to top it off, after a good half week of work, we look forward to attending our second Ocean Shores homeschooling conference this next weekend! Looking forward to the awesome sessions and vendors there--okay, and to catch up with friends. ;0)

Life is good here. What has God been doing in your lives recently? In other words, whasup?


  1. The main thing for me right now... is getting over this horrid sinus infection!

    I'm also getting things together for the (much overrated) fall, starting to get ready to take another CLEP test, and praying about an upcoming ministry idea that might be a possibility.

  2. Congrats on the apprenticeship! We are in Seaside for a dentist appointment for Mom, a permit test, and ice cream!

  3. Looking forward to the conference immensely too!