Monday, September 22, 2014

National Day of Mourning

Hello, everyone. I just wanted to solemnly remind you all of the National Day of Mourning today. The best way to observe it is to wear a sweater all day and store away all your t-shirts. Forget about going to the swimming hole, ice cream on the porch in the evenings, tans, and outdoor activities. In general, forget about the sun.

For today is the first day of fall.

Okay, okay, so it is not all bad. A certain someone in the family is running around singing the praises of fall and making us pumpkin pancakes. You should see all the fall decorations adorning our home . . . I can even venture to guess that I will be building the first fire of the year in our stove here soon. A little bit carried away perhaps, another certain someone in the family started blasting SCC's Christmas album over our speakers.

Forget about the day of mourning, I guess.

Everyone tells me that each season comes with its special opportunities. And okay, so though I bemoan the loss of summer, I am slightly enthusiastic for fall. I most look forward to the slower pace fall brings, starting a new apprenticeship job, Thanksgiving, checking the forecast for snow, and staying inside to read a good book . . . because of the rain. :0/

Which leads me to ask, how many of you are overjoyed that fall is here? How many of you are sad that our glorious summer ended so soon? What do you look forward to most this fall?


  1. I would love to be the first to comment, for I have renewed energy for all sorts of things on this first day of fall. I also have more time on my hands! Or should I say my hands are more free as I don't have a fly swatter in each hand! I'm not preoccupied with keeping the family from getting heat stroke, dehydration, sunburns, mosquito bites, drowning in the lake, etc. and also hauling water to all the parched flowers. No instead, I'll be enjoying the smell of fresh baked pumpkin bread, thinking about all the blessings fall/winter brings, and hanging out with the youngins inside, hopefully reading lots of good books together! ;-) "This is the day the Lord has made, I will REJOICE and BE GLAD in it." : -) : -) : -) : -) : -) : -) : -) : -)
    Love you sooooo much!

  2. I, for one, am very excited that autumn is here! Although, as you know, I am not one of the "someones" that you mentioned. :) I love the brisk temps and wonderful smells that come with fall. Although I dislike the rain *almost* as much as you, oh mourning brother, I do appreciate it since it makes the grass green and the horses happy. At least until the cold weather sets in for good this fall/winter and the rain turns to snow... but we won't get into that discussion just yet. :) We still have at LEAST 8 weeks before that should happen.

    Your faithful armrest,
    Victoria :)

  3. Nooooooooo!!!

    Stop the torture! I beg you!

    I am not a fall person. At all. In fact, I wrote a blog post last year all about how I think fall is so overrated. And it is. I mean, everybody knows that! ;)

    Ever since I was young, I hated it when summer came to an end... because that meant school was starting again. ;) However, I'm glad I have the job of a swim teacher, because that means I get to swim year round! :D

    (And by the way, I don't like pumpkin. ;) In fact, I don't even eat pumpkin pie.)

  4. Just remember, fall is that much closer to SNOW, and I know how much you love the white stuff!

  5. Haha, Mommy, you did seem rather like the Energizer Bunny this morning. :0P I has my chance to sing the praises of summer for all to hear (and especially, I admit, when you were in earshot), so I take the above comment as getting my just dues. :0P Love you more!

    Oh, Armrest, you should ask the horses how happy they are when they are trying to get a mouthful of that green grass in the torrential rain. :0P

    Sorry, Bethany! Hey, but look at the bright side, only about 273 days till summer! Okay, so that might not help . . .

    Well, Donna, I am going to be working outside a lot this winter, so I am not sure how thrilled I will be about the white stuff this year, but thanks for the attempt at encouragement. ;0) I am guessing you are quite glad for fall their in the Land of the Sun. ;0)

  6. No no no!!!!!! Not fall already! :P I'm a California guy, remember! I love the sun and the warm weather! ;P I am looking forward to is getting to spend time with friends, taking a trip to Orlando, piano competitions and some other things... I'm thankful for fall... I'm just _more_ thankful for summer! ;)

    And to Valerie's defense, even though September is much too early for Christmas music, SCC's Joy album can be listened to all year round!!!! Specially that first Joy to the World track! I listen that every few months! Funny, cause I don't listen to Christmas music till the night of Thanksgiving!

  7. Fall is okay (and winter, too) *if* there is no snow. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas, though, so I guess the cold is worth it. :)

  8. I LOVE FALL!!!! Overjoyed would be an understatement. Lol. I thought I like summer best, but now I'm re-thinking that.

    And yes, I had pumpkin pancakes for breakfast too. With chocolate chips even. ;)

  9. Haha, Jordan, how did you know who I was talking about regarding SCC? Okay, so it was kind of obvious. ;0) I'm right there with you, bro! Fall is ok, but summer is the best!

    Snow isn't that bad, Kari! You should have seen some buddies and I play Ultimate Frisbee in the snow. Now *that* was epic! And I also can't wait to try out my 4x4 truck in the snow, I must admit. ;0)

    Hey Emily! Long time no comment. ;0) Wow, so you joined the dark side . . . JK :0P And I should also admit that our pancakes had chocolate chips in them too. But the pumpkin makes 'em all healthy, right? ;0)

  10. Careful what you write there. We are monitoring your comments closely regarding the weather as we are planning to retire there. A little confused right now with part of you loving summer and part of you loving fall and winter. Guess that means we should be very happy at least part of the year depending on which team we tend to agree with. I must admit that pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving and Christmas will certainly entice me to enjoy those months. Love you all, Meemom And of course I won't worry about snow as I know it NEVER snows there.

  11. Aunt Kelley, Spring? _Spring_? Perpetual rain really excites you that much? Wow . . . JK I guess the latter part of spring is decent, not to mention all my lawns will be growing like crazy. ;0)

    Meemom, Ah, yes. What I really mean to say is, all the seasons are awesome! You know, like 75 degrees and sunny--every day! ;0) Love you!