Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thoughful Thursday: My hero

I can’t imagine life without heroes. From the fictitious heroics of small Hobbits and brave men-at-arms, to the champions of the faith here in our world, I live and breathe the stories of people doing incredible things.  It occurs to me, though, that true heroes in my mind are not defined by the strength of their arms, their cunning brains, or their prowess in battle. A hero to me is someone who is courageous, no matter the cost.

True heroes first and foremost serve God wholeheartedly.  They may not have it all together—they are not of flawless moral character like Superman—but they trust in God and seek to glorify Him in their actions and words. True heroes are broken by sin and desire to lead all under their care away from darkness and into the light.

Daily, these champions are conquerors of the practical things in life. They may not battle dread lords or impossible odds, but they remain steadfast when life gets tough, serving and loving the same. They are there for you in the good times and bad, always ready to offer you support, encouragement, and—if need be—correction.

I can think of no better example of this heroism than my dad (with a close second going to my mom!). There has not been a day in my life where he has not been there for me, and he has had by far the greatest impact on my life. I do not know where I would be without him!

Daddy (yes, I still call him that—and am not ashamed of it) ;0) is a man of God, a man of courage. From turning down a promotion early on in his career so that he could remain working from a home office, to making the decision with Mommy to homeschool us kids, He has taken steps to love and lead his family that the world would think rather strange—perhaps even foolish. But if it is foolishness to value protecting your family from the schemes of the devil and leading them in the ways of the Lord over having a bigger bank account, than I can only hope to be as foolish as my dad someday!

My dad is my main discipliner. He has never “spared the rod” when it is needed, and more than anything else, I thank him for that!  His correction has never been anything more than loving. I will never forget the time when he confronted me with a serious sin in my life. When he had every right to be really mad at me, he was broken with me instead. We cried together even as he lovingly disciplined me.

My dad is my best friend. I love hanging out with him more than anyone else. Some of my fondest memories are with him—playing ball, fishing, camping, building things, going to ball games, and even the times he took me on business trips with him! Even when I was (okay, am) ;0) a nuisance or slowed him down on certain projects, he has always included me.

My dad is my mentor. I have had many a conversation with him about pretty much everything! Despite the stereotype, we teens really don’t think we know everything believe it or not! I think I can safely assume that most every teen longs for advice; I definitely do. This season of my life where I am caught somewhere between a boy and a man can be quite befuddling at times, and I am so glad to have a dad who has already navigated these choppy seas right at my side!

My dad is my trusted confidant.  I feel free to share my dreams and desires with him, and he always gives me a ready ear. More so, he encourages me to follow my dreams! Okay, maybe I shouldn’t say “my dreams”—that sounds to worldly and clinche--but the Lord’s plans in my life! My dad has helped me see that to follow Jesus as Lord is to live the most fulfilled life imaginable!

It takes resolution to break the pattern of the world in the way you raise your family. It takes strength to be different—and stay different. It takes courage to lead. And by God’s grace, I know someone just like that.

Yes, my dad is one more thing . . . my hero.


  1. Awesome thoughts and writing, Kyle! Daddy and I are both so honored and blessed in getting to be your parents! We are so proud of you (in a Godly way ;-) and you bring us great joy!!! God has been and IS sooo good to us!
    Love you!!!
    P.S. Thanks so much for the *Honorable Mention* : -) After all, I am your original grammar teacher!
    P.S.S. "That sounds TOO worldly" Ha! ;-)

  2. Kyle that is SO heartwarming :-) I think I'm gonna cry..... ;-)
    He IS such a special Daddy, and my, does he EVER have good taste in picking out an incredible, virtuous, sweet, and thoughtful wife! (Not to mention what a great teacher she was/is.) We could not have been blessed with better role-models!

  3. My Dearest Mommy and Original Grammar Teacher,
    Thank you so much! I am so honored and blessed to be your son! I love you so much! <3 Some day I am going to write all kinds of interesting things about you too! ;0) Don't worry, all good things, all good things. :0P

    P.S *Gasps of horror* Oh no, woe is me!! The dread enemy of my writing has reared its monstrous head again! How could I let "to" slip? Well, at least I am not confused about "our" and "are" or "pasted" and "passed" still . . . *awkward laugh* That was bad! ;0)

    My favorite big sister, ;0)
    Thank you! I totally agree!

  4. Dear Kyle,
    I know I'm much less a father than your post makes me out to be . . . and that the credit for any good belongs to the Lord. Yet, I am very encouraged because I know this comes from your heart, so thank you, Kyle. I often wonder (and tremble to think) of what kind of man I might have become if the Lord did not bless me with a wife and children to "force" me to become more like Him. To that blessing He adds the opportunity for the strongest of personal relationships within His design for family . . . if I'll simply trust in Him and do things His way (imperfectly but resolutely). And then, I get to share the credit while enjoying the blessings? Wow! I also want to give thanks for my Dad and his. I think I've told you how Papa (my grandpa) left his early career that was taking him away from his family to start a family business . . . and that my Dad (your Papa) decided to buck the trend of sending his wife into the work force so that Mom could be home with me and your aunts. So we have a legacy of "breaking the pattern of the world" in important life decisions . . . and that has been passed to you. You've already shown your willingness to do this in costly ways (like trading a bat & mit for a business card) . . . I know with the Lord's help you will continue to do so. "The father of the righteous will greatly rejoice, And he who sires a wise son will be glad in him." -Proverbs 23:24

  5. You're welcome, Daddy! Heroes aren't perfect, but they are resolute in doing what's right! I love you!

    I am honored to inherit the Bowes legacy of "world pattern breaking", and by God's strength, I too am resolved to never be conformed to the pattern of this world!