Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cape Disappointment and North Head Lighthouse

This past weekend we have been camping down near Astoria, OR for Father's Day! Make sure to check my mom's blog at for the full wrap on our trip, but I had a few pictures I wanted to share as well, being the amazing photographer that I am! (said sarcastically) ;0)

These two pictures were taken at Cape Disappointment. ;0) Why the name? I think it was named for the number of ships that sank off its coast . . . Hopefully not for my photography! :0P

Our next stop on this little scenic trip was North Head Lighthouse
A hooded, beardless dwarf peers intently up the path, determined to fight back the giant approaching him in great, thundering strides . . . Okay, so more like, "why are you taking pictures of me, bro?"

The lighthouse reminded me of this great song from Rend Collective. :0)
Some scenery . . .

Did you spot the fishermen?

I can just see you writhing in agony, Jordan S., wishing you could jump through this picture and onto the beach . . . :0P
Look, I was able to sneak up into the lighthouse!!!! (Okay, not really)
Actually, most of the fam and even me own bro-in-law Richie got to see the insides of said lighthouse!
Descending the tower of Mordor, having vanquished the dread lord Sauron with the help of a couple of Hobbits!!!! Okay, so it has just been a while since I have watched LOTRs ;0)


  1. I like Rend Collective. :) Especially "Build Your Kingdom Here."

    It looks like you had a fun trip. :0 My friend lives right near that area - I think 45 minutes from Astoria.

    According to,
    Cape Disappointment was named because an explorer was disappointed he didn't find the Columbia River. I thought it had something to do with Lewis and Clark but nope. :)

  2. Hey Kari! Yep, Rend Collective is awesome! :0)

    Haha, that's interesting about Cape Disappointment . . . now I know!

    How did your SAT go BTW? I meant to catch up with you guys afterwards, but I think my class was one of the last to let out . . .

  3. Looks like you had a great time! We actually stayed at the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse keepers house for Christmas a few years ago! That area is SO pretty!

  4. Rend Collective!!!! They're actually pretty good... Build your kingdom here is their best IMHO... I love how Irish they are when they play live... They just act like it!!!

  5. Hey Elanee! Cool! Wow, for Christmas? Hopefully you guys didn't get too wet. ;0)

    Jordan: *jaw drops* And we agree on another CCM song! Wow!!! :0P

  6. The SAT was okay. I didn't quite finish my essay and I guessed on some of the harder questions, but I think I did pretty well. Last Saturday I took the ACT, and I thought it was a lot easier than the SAT. :)

  7. @Kyle: is RC really contemp?!?? They're kinda more alternative folk I think (It's the production again! ;)) Their music vid for Build your kingdom is weird in my opinion.... with the people in the back and all. I'll have to send you a good one of them doing that song I found.

    but we still don't agree on welcome to the new, right?! JK :P

  8. Jordan: Well, their songs *are* on K-Love. Doesn't that make them contemp? :0P Yeah, that was kind of a weird vid for BYKH. The vid for My Lighthouse was a little better . . . ;0)

    Yes, we agree that Welcome to the New is a great song and the end makes us laugh! *Fist Bump!*

  9. No no no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently we don't agree! :P Okay... so the end was funny!... but other then that... "That Production!!!!!!" <--- You knew I was going to say that! :P

  10. Very cool blog! :D Let me introduce myself. My name is Krista and I'm a friend of Emily (author of Life through a lens). Great pictures by the way. I love that song Lighthouse. And it does look like Sauron's tower!

  11. Hi Krista! Nice to meet ya'! Hey, from your reference to Sauron, you must be a fellow Ringer! *grins broadly* "It never ceases to amaze me, the courage of hobbits" ;0)

    And thanks for following!

    In Christ!