Friday, May 2, 2014

Another mowing moment

Yep, I had another classic experience while mowing for a client today! After putting in quite a day here at the farm, I got a call this later afternoon from a client confirming that I could mow his lawn this afternoon, before the rain gets here. I rushed over to the place to get it mowed.

It was as I was well into the lawn that I realized I didn't have any extra gas.

You see, my parents did not have any gas on hand for me to mow our yard today, so I used the one can of gas I had on hand. My mom later went to town to refill my can to pay me back . . . but I forgot to stick it in Muscles (my truck) before I left.

As I went back and forth across the clients lawn--who happened to be renting the place out to his wife's parents and their friends--I prayed fervently that my mower had just enough gas to finish the job. I was all of four passes away from finishing the lawn when low and behold . . .

Sputter, sputter . . . kaput. Sigh.

I was so close!!! I mean seriously, why??? After getting over my moment of shocked disbelief, I began to contemplate my options like a good, logical person. I did not have a length of hose and did not relish the idea of sucking in a mouthful of gas to siphon some fuel out of Muscles. I really did not want to leave and go get gas (I was so close!!!). Lastly, I contemplated asking for a little gas from the renters, but my sense of dignity (okay, perhaps pride) wouldn't let me do it.

And then the brilliant idea hit me.

I rolled my push mower over and loosened it's gas cap. Yep, there was gas inside. I weighted the pros and cons, and finding the pros to slightly outweigh the cons, I put my plan in motion. Removing the gas cap from my riding mower, with a grunt I hefted my push mower. Yes, I am sure you now realize my brilliant plan. Ever so slightly I began to tip my push mower . . .

And just then someone walked out of the house.

"Can I help you there?" the older gentleman asked, his face etched with surprise.

"Oh, um, hi."

Five minutes and a borrowed funnel later, we had transferred just enough gas from mower to mower for me to finish the lawn. It actually worked really well, and to my older friend's credit, he really was nice about the situation.  Doesn't this make you want to get into lawn care?

For the first time in my life I wished that I burn instead of tan . . .

That way, I could blame my red cheeks on the sun.


  1. I am in the business of lawn care! I just don't get paid for it. ;-) Actually it's more pasture care..... if you come over-- our pastures all look great except for two and I just know that by the time I mow those-- the other ones will need to be mowed again. :( ~Shiloh

  2. Oh my goodness:) I can't get over the humor of your situation, even though it must have been very embarrassing at the time. To be sure it made for a great story, and a funny laugh, and next time I'm sure you'll remember to bring more gas:)

  3. And why didn't you just use the push mower for those last 4 passes? I know... you wanted a great story for your blog readers, right? :)

  4. Shiloh: Thus is the life of a lawn mower. ;0) Stand fast; the grass cannot conquer us! :0P

    Elanee: Yes, it is pretty safe to say that I will be more careful to have gas on hand. ;0)

    Donna: (Scratches head) Oh . . . good point. Actually, about four passes with my riding mower equals about ten with my push mower . . . so the cons still outweighed the pros a bit. ;0)