Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A very merry unbirthday to us!

Yesterday, we quads hit the big town to celebrate turning seventeen and a half! Awesome, huh?

Okay, so I know most people don't celebrate turning half a year older, but hey, any reason to celebrate, right? (And if you are still not convinced, then I will just tell you that we were celebrating Cinco De Mayo) ;0)

Victoria and Caroline got a real treat . . . For the first time, they got to ride in Muscles!!! Where's Valerie? No, she did not refuse to ride in my awesome truck . . . She just happened to be busy elsewhere. ;0)
After picking up Valerie from a babysitting job and trading out Muscles for our Focus (only because it gets better gas mileage, you see) we headed for the big town! Our first stop was at the Midway Cinema to see Captain America 2!
 The movie was far more intense than the first Captain America . . . I don't think I could recommend it as a must-see, but it did have flashes of "epicness"!
Some of us walked out of the theater with headaches, so we changed our plans a little bit from dining at Applebees to grabbing some deliciousness at DQ! I know sugar normally doesn't make headaches any better . . but . . .
We couldn't resist. :0)

It is so fun hanging out with my best friends! Love you, wombmates!


  1. Happy UnBirthday!

    Hm, so why is Valerie so apprehensive when it comes to riding in Meager Muscles? :P

  2. Bethany: I have no clue, cuz like I told Shiloh, I supply neck braces to my passengers just to make sure their ride is as carefree as possible!

    In all seriousness, I *can* be smooth with a manual. Well, almost . . .

  3. Hey! I deserve a half birthday if you get one!!!! :P Mine was two months ago though...

    Muscles.... How much would you pay me to ride in him?!? jk

  4. So like, happy 2/3 birthday to you, Jordan!!! :0P (do the math) No. You're actually not special enough to have a half birthday. :0P It only counts if you are a quadruplet! JK

    Um, actually, you should totally pay me to ride in Muscles. If you want pure epicness, that is. :0P