Friday, April 11, 2014

What have I been up to?

Oh, not much, really. Just soaking up the sun in AZ!

101 degrees!


Looking forward to getting my farmer's tan back! :0)
In the meantime, gotta go! Time to go have some more fun! :0D


  1. You're seriously in AZ??????? I hope you all will be back in time for CH!!!!! Have a great trip:)

  2. Don't get a sunburn! We wouldn't want to have such a cruel reason to tease you at CH. :P

  3. Whew! last time I experienced that type of heat was in TX.... have fun!!! Oh... and see if you can go swimming while you're down there!!!!! :P

  4. Elanee: Yep! :0D Don't worry; we will definitely be back for CH! (unless we die of heat stroke, that is!) :0)

    Bethany: Say what? I don't burn; I tan! You might not even recognize me at CH . . . there will just be this really tall Indian there! :0P

    Jordan: We have been seriously swimming every day! (Jealous?)

  5. @Kyle: Yeah.. that makes me sorta jealous!!! ;P I mean, as long as it's a short or long course pool!!! jk

    But I swam twice this week..... Not bad huh?! ;)

  6. Ha, three times for me this week! :0P *feels proud that he beat the Strangs at something*

  7. I'm glad to hear you'll be back for CH:) you had me scared there for a bit:)
    Sounds like you all are having a ton of fun! I did manage to swim once in the last week, and sadly I passed up a second opportunity. I think we really need to have a pool party at CH:)