Sunday, April 6, 2014

2014 Fall's Creek Men's Retreat

Hi, everyone! One of my highlights of the year is attending our church's annual men's retreat at the Fall's Creek Resort. It is such a time of refreshment, growth in my faith, and fun! The speaker for this retreat was Pastor Tim Walker, and the subject was on the (rather sensitive, but definitely needful) topic of pornography and purity in general. Pastor Tim did an awesome job! (look for a Thoughtful Thursday post coming soon!) ;0)

I loved this sign that greeted us right when we walked into the door. It is an unofficial but well-established rule that to really be "in", you need to bring something for the general public to munch on . . .

I guess we are kinda like a colony of ants collecting food to last  through the winter . . . only this stockpile lasted all of two days

After dinner, our first session, and small group discussion time, I ran out to the hot tub in my swim trunks. Before long, the peaceful atmosphere of the Jacuzzi turned into an all out wrestling match among us "young bucks" (half the water was seriously outside of the tub by the time we were done). When my friends had had enough of me holding them underwater (or possibly visa versa), I headed for my room.
And here it is. Daddy quickly claimed the queen bed, despite all my efforts to convince him that I have him beat in height, mass, and weight. As you can see, he had to knock off some work, so I got bored . . .

 . . . and turned to taking selfies of myself

 Yeah, I don't think I fooled anyone into thinking I'm cool . ..
Okay this one turned out really neat (except for the fact that all you can see are my big feet) ;0)

Our (slightly bedraggled) group flocking to the dining hall Saturday morning
And here's why

One of the awesome things to do Saturday during free time is to hike up to the falls of  Fall's Creek Resort! The trail is pretty cool . . .

The falls

You can't really tell from the pic, but the falls is a good 35-40 feet tall

Nothing out of the ordinary right? I mean . . .

 . . . It's not like I was hanging out over the falls or anything

And here's a much better picture of me at the falls

I also got to rule the Ping Pong table for a while during our free time Saturday (that is Pastor Tim, btw, and he was a tough one to beat)
Exchanging a jab with our less than complimentary audience
Right before one of our sessions (you didn't know I was that tall, right?) ;0)

Mr. P. (a great man and my former boss) leading us in worship

There was a candlelight dinner Saturday night. Needless to say, we casually-dressed men felt a little weird eating such a dainty meal in the rather "romantic" setting . . . (and I love how all the men at that first table our picking at their salads. Like, where's the meat?) ;0) :0D

Okay, did I or did I not eat the salad? Anyone wanna guess?

After another general session, we unwound a little bit from our sensitive and rather intense subject matter by watching a hilarious video of Christian comedian Tim Hawkins

Then I hit the hot tub one more time! (Jealous, Strangs?) :0P

I probably enjoyed this retreat more than I have all the others . . . but of course, I always say that. ;0)This year I got to play a hilarious prank on my good friend that involved him sleeping like a baby and a cup full of ice . . . I had to lock my door the following night under threats of having my eyebrows shaved off. ;0) I always feel so recommitted to my daily Christian walk after these retreats, and I am already looking forward to next year's retreat!

In closing, here was our theme verse:

Who may ascend into the hill of the LORD? And who may stand in His holy place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart, Who has not lifted up his soul to falsehood And has not sworn deceitfully. He shall receive a blessing from the LORD And righteousness from the God of his salvation.
 [Psalm 24:3-5 NASB]


  1. Wow Kyle, looks like you had a really great time!!!!! Thanks for sharing the photos. This food looked really good:)

  2. Hot tub?

    Come on.

    We swim in the beach in October. :P

    It looks like you had a great time! Fun pictures! :D

  3. Elanee: thanks! The food was good--except that salad! Ick! 0.o

    Bethany: Whatever! :0P

  4. Ha ha! :D

    But really. You don't swim in a hot tub. ;)

  5. Jealous??? Of a hot tub??? really? jk

    Like I said before, you really should come swimming with us sometime!!! You'd actually probably be really good at it cause you're tall... It gets one to the wall faster!

  6. Bethany: Well, that didn't stop us young guys from trying! ;0)

    Jordan: Well, I also have quite a pair of natural flippers to go along with my height, so maybe you're right! ;0) No, I am a pretty poor swimmer. ;0)

  7. Oh yeah... Forgot about your feet!!! That's even better! ;)