Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hi ho, Hi ho, It's off to mow I go!

Yep, that's the tune I have been singing to recently! My business is definitely at full steam ahead, and my customer base has been growing really well! Thank you all for your prayers as I continue to forge ahead in this new venture of my life. They are much appreciated!

My equipment!

No matter what the Lord has in plan for me during this season of my life, owning Kyle's Clipper has been a great learning experience. I actually really enjoy interacting with my clients (well, most of the time) as I practice communication skills that will be useful, well, forever! It has been a ton of work getting this business going, but I have enjoyed every minute of it! (that is, if I block out several days that didn't exactly go as planned--but hey, even those were learning experiences!)

Speaking of interacting with my clients, the funny thing is that a good percentage of my customer base are (understandably) older ladies. And honestly, they are a tad bit offending. ;0) I am known to most of them not as Kyle, but as sweet, sweetie, sweetheart or some variant of that same form. For goodness sake, it is as if I am one of their adorable little grandsons, not the young man that I prefer myself to be seen as! It is really awkward when I go to shake their hand and they gather me in for a hug instead (which happened just yesterday), or even blow kisses at me when I am leaving. o.O But after each of my "seasoned" lady customers rounded up my mowing bill by five dollars yesterday, I suddenly don't mind being their adopted grandson so much . . . I guess I should milk this rather unwanted stigma for as long as I can. ;0)

Then there are the growing experiences where I have to repeat to myself over and over again the business rule of thumb that "the customer is always right." For instance, yesterday while walking through a lawn that seems to be the hangout spot for all the dogs of the neighborhood, I asked for a shovel so that I could pick up what I sensitively termed "the doggy presents", with one suggestive glance at the little brown pile at my feet.

My client responded, "Oh, just ignore them! I always just run right over them."

I opened my mouth, but then forced myself to remember that yep, the customer is always right. All I could think about as I mowed was an old "love" song by Andrew Peterson, "Dancing through the Minefields." I was playing the "dodge the mine" game so well until the very end too, but then I relaxed my vigilant guard for one second and . . . squishSigh.

And here I am now waking up to a bright and sunny day, which means that another day of mowing awaits! Please pray for me today as I meet with a couple of new clients, that I would give a good first impression!

God bless!


  1. Oh my, your story had me laughing like crazy:) it's those times that make for great memories. Maybe you should start a doggy clean up service before you mow the lawn:)
    I'll definitely be praying for your day to go well, and for you to be able to make many new clients.

  2. Elanee: Well actually, I have heard of lawn companies doing that! Maybe I should! Thank you!

  3. you are MY ADORABLE GRANDSON!!!!! Luv you, Kyle blowing kisses!!!! Your adorable Grammie

  4. @Kyle: I seriously laughed about AP and Dancing in the minefields!!! It puts a hilarious spin on a rather serious song!!!!

  5. I love you, Grammie! You are adorable. :0P Looking forward to seeing you both in July!!!

    Jordan: It wasn't exactly hilarious at the time . . . ;0)