Sunday, April 27, 2014

Christian Heritage Homeschool Conference

This past weekend we four quads and Daddy headed down to Redmond for the annual homeschool conference! It is always a very uplifting and amazing experience, and also, for the first time this year we quads had the opportunity to volunteer for the conference! Is was a lot of work, but the experience was definitely worth it!

We arrived at the giant church hosting the CH conference at about 9AM Thursday . . . and stayed on staff till 9PM that day. I am sure we four rookie volunteers ran around a little like headless chickens at some point during the hours in-between, but I think we were useful. ;0)

Caroline was assigned (though definitely not limited) to the registration table. She did great!
Victoria was kept busy as a cashier in the Answers in Genesis booth
Me? I ran around doing this and that, though officially I was assigned to the Marshall Foster booth below. It wasn't exactly the most active booth  . . . I made an average of about two sales an hour. ;0)

And I just realized that I didn't say anything about Valerie (sorry, sis)! Unfortunately, she was so busy taking pictures of us other three that she forgot to take one of herself, but she was also in registration and did great!!! 

People flocking in on Friday! Between manning the Marshal Foster booth and running around like a chicken with its head cut off, I was able to catch up with some of my fellow homeschool friends and also met many new ones!

Friday night of the conference is always really fun, because on that night there is a concert performed by many different talented homeschoolers. And this year we actually knew a couple of the performers (great job, Evan S. and Jordan and Eden S.!)! Kudos to Valerie for trying to take pictures from the balcony of the church, though unfortunately the only one worth posting is not of anybody we know . . .   


No, I am not jealous at all that the girls got to get a picture with Ken Ham while I was twiddling my thumbs at the Marshal Foster booth . . . 'cause Ken Ham talked to me!!!!


Well, maybe "talked with me" is overstating things a little . . . I was trying to catch up to Ken Ham's "right hand man", an older gentleman,  to ask him if he needed any help with the AiG booth. Seeing this older man, named Jim, in the hallway ahead of me, I called out his name and quickened my pace to try and overhaul him. Jim apparently didn't hear me and kept walking, but just then a voice spoke from beside me.
"Sorry, he is kind of hard of hearing."
The voice had a deep Australian accent that sounded pretty cool even when used to make a joke. I turned to behold the speaker, and it was none other than Ken Ham himself walking beside me! I opened my mouth . . .
 . . . and stared in dumbfounded shock as he kept walking by.
We did get to get a picture with Mr. Bradrick, a patriarch of the Christian homeschooling movement here in WA!

 The homeschooled students among us who are vocally gifted practice to sing in a chorale during the last session on Saturday. It always sounds amazing! Of course, not being gifted in anything pertaining to music, I wasn't up there. In fact, I wasn't even in the audience. While my three wombmates were playing hooky from their responsibilities as volunteers to go to this session, I  was stuffing cds in their respective albums back in the hallway of the church! I know, I've always been the angel of us quads . . . :0P (okay, so the girls did deserve their break) ;0)

 All joking aside, we quads definitely enjoyed our experiences this weekend! We look forward to next year!


  1. Great pictures! :) I got a picture with Ken Ham too. ;) It was a really fun weekend!!! :D

  2. Nice pictures! It was great to see you all:)

  3. I love seeing the pictures from the conference! Hey, it was great seeing you guys! :D

  4. Thanks 3X! It was great to see you guys too! ;0)