Tuesday, April 15, 2014

First day with Papa and Grammie, and Lunar Eclipse!

After spending the weekend with Papa Bob and Meemom, we headed over to Papa and Grammie's place (my dad's parents) yesterday!
Papa has an awesome train set that is a highlight of our visits here!

After spending some time "hanging out" at Papa and Grammie's place, us older male folk headed out to play golf! Or more like, Papa, Daddy, and my cousin Daniel played golf, while I practiced trying to hit that little white ball!

Papa giving me some tips on the driving range!

I would put captions on these, but honestly it is too much work! (I'm on vacation, after all)

Look for pictures on the Lunar Eclipse I stayed up for last night soon! (sorry for the rushed post, nothing has been working right technologically this morning!) :0/ I'll let Mommy post the rest of the pictures from yesterday! :0)

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