Wednesday, April 16, 2014

And here's the pictures of the Lunar Eclipse . . .

I stayed up till early Tuesday morning watching the "Blood Moon". It was awesome!
I laid out on a lawn chair till late at night. By myself. In the cold. (I'm trying to get sympathy from my sisters, cause they only came out when I woke them up to see the full Eclipse. Cheaters!) ;0)
Full moon! (this was the one time I wished my family had a really expensive camera. I can just see you face palming, Evan S.) ;0)
The shadow of the Earth just beginning to block the moon!
Half way!
More than half way!
About three quarters of the way there!
Closer . . .

 Fully eclipsed!



  1. Your night sounds like Evan's. (except he had a coat and scarf on:) And my Dad was up with him, and he never woke me up at the full Eclipse....but that was fine, cause I knew he would take great pictures for me.
    Your pictures are great BtW. I like how you got the full sequence of the eclipse. Was it warm out all night in Arizona?

  2. Wow! You got some great pictures! I was up really late that night due to an event my family was participating in... but we had a slight cloud cover.

  3. Pretty awesome, Kyle!!! You know, in that last picture, the star by the moon is Spica. The next time a bright star will be so close to the moon during an eclipse will be in 2510. So you definitely got a once in a lifetime experience!

    Think that's cool??? Well, I didn't come up with it on my own! A friend from Phoenix emailed me a told me that about his picture the other night! I don't know _that_ much about astronomy! :P

    Hey! This is slightly off topic, but sometime, we're totally going to send you a pic of our pool!!!! Then you'll be jealous!!!!!!!!! jk

  4. Elanee: Actually, it got pretty cold! I was in shorts and a t-shirt . . .o.O

    Bethany: You missed it then? Oh, too bad! Just another thing for you to be jealous about, I guess . . :0P

    Jordan: That is cool! I plan to be dead by 2510, so this really was a once in a lifetime experience! Wow! :0P


  5. Great pix Kyle ! Thank you for sharing or I would miss out on everything!

  6. Thanks, Mrs. B! It sure was awesome seeing you last Sunday! :0)