Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturdays are awesome!

Saturdays are awesome. Okay, so they are basically like any other day for me, but still, just the whole sense of freedom that comes on Saturday can't be missed! For instance, I slept in till all of 7:40am this morning!!! :0P

Here's how my Saturday was spent:

7:40: Was woken up by my dad (who apparently didn't get the "sleeping in on Saturdays" memo).

7:50: Ate a very scrumptious breakfast of eggs, sausage, and scones my sister Valerie prepared. (Yes, I am spoiled by my three quadruplet sisters, not to mention my mom! Don't ask me why I don't weigh 350 pounds, cause I don't know!) :0)

8:30 Did a couple of hours of Algebra 2. (I have recently begun to study hard to pass the SAT)

10:30 Straightened the garage and did a few other miscellaneous chores.

11:45 lounged in my bed reading one of my favorite novels: The Adventures of Midshipman Quinn.

12:30 Scraped together a make-shift lunch (I am not spoiled for every meal) ;0)

12:40 Left with Muscles the truck to play Ultimate Frisbee with some friends.

1:30 Met my very fun group of Frisbee players extraordinaire, and started playing Frisbee. The field was a complete mud bog, but I managed to dive on just about every throw anyway. (yes, I am super competitive) Here is what my clothes looked like when it was all said and done:

Though I am not terribly talented in tracking the Frisbee yet, my height and long legs make up for it. I am not known by my Frisbee friends as Kyle, but "The Tower" for rather obvious reasons. ;0)

All was going well with my Frisbee playing till I chased a Frisbee into a soccer goal at the end of the field--or more accurately, into the metal post on one end of the goal. And yes, I somehow managed to straddle the pole to where it hit me right between the legs . . . o.O  So, I spent a good amount of time bent over double, trying not to speak lest my voice came out a few octaves higher than it should. ;0)

One of my friends asked me if I was OK, to which I squeaked in return, "Not really."

5:00 Finally was rewarded for laying my life on the line with a win. :0D we broke ranks then, and after changing clothes, (Muscles is too awesome to coat his seats with mud) I headed for home.

5:15 Stopped to get Muscles some gas at the cheapest gas station I could find ($3.59 a gallon--heavy sigh). I also decided to splurge and get a snack and drink. I was going to get a bag of candy and soda, but I couldn't quite justify it (even after burning off probably thousands of calories playing more than three hours straight of Frisbee). So I got a bag of munchies and a bottle of chocolate milk. Yep, I am all about health!

6:00 Got back home, hobbling inside like an old man, every muscle in my body either cramped or sore. I promptly soaked in the bathtub for half an hour. I feel rather better now. :0)

6:45: Ate dinner. And here I am!

Life is good. :0)

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