Monday, March 31, 2014

Pray for me today!

I am going to be going door to door passing out fliers for my lawn care business. :0) This will be my second time doing this; the first time went really well! (though I was attacked by a Chihuahua) ;0)

Please pray that all will go smoothly and that I will portray myself positively to potential customers. I am by no means a door-to-door salesman, but I hope to just be friendly and smiling! I'm pretty good at that, at least. ;0)

Also pray that this rather industrious marketing endeavor will gain me some new customers. If it is the Lord's will, I would really like for my business to grow!

Thank you!

Update: Thanks for praying! Door to door went really well! All I could think of as I repeated my little blurb over and over again was Russell from UP:

"Good afternoon. My name is Russell . . ." ;0)

Please continue to pray that I will gain new customers. There are at least 3 potential customers just from today that are very interested in having me mow for them!


  1. I'll be praying for you Kyle. I know how door to door stuff can be very intimidating. Just act confident even if you aren't, and pray for God's strength to speak to the people. Giving a discount or spacious sale for people who take your service can also be a good way to get customers. But I'm sure you already know all about that:) keep us posted on how the day goes. We'll be praying!!!

  2. I started praying too late! :( Oh, well I was going to say that I'd pray that all the little chihuahua were kept tied up inside.... ~Shiloh

  3. Hey Elanee! Thank you so much! (sorry I missed your comment earlier. It slipped under my radar somehow) ;0) My main promotion is offering my first mowing for a flat $20. It seems to catch people's attention. ;0)

    Shiloh: Don't worry, prayer is never too late! (and thank goodness, I didn't have a problem with any overgrown rodents, ahem, Chihuahuas today) :0)