Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My business name and logo is . . . Also, a new short story . . . Oh, and the new sisters' blog!

Yep, I am rather scatterbrained right now. It's what happens when life decides to try and pass you by. ;0) I am buried in prep and paperwork for my new business, trying to sell my hotrod to a troupe of flaky craigslisters, searching for a truck that will fit my needs, begrudgingly doing school work (need to pass that SAT, after all!), trying to keep practicing my writing skills, continually re-scheduling work with a neighbor because of the nasty weather, exc. exc. So why am I blogging right now? Simply, because my brain is fried, so I thought I would put it to less-than-strenuous use (yep, this is one of my overall thoughtless posts). ;0)

So, a couple of weeks ago you all gave me plenty of interesting ideas for what I should call my lawn care business (possible emphasis added on "interesting"). Which one did I chose? Ahem, well, none of them, actually. Sorry. I decided instead to go with "Kyle's Clipper", a suggestion originally made by my dad! Here is the logo I designed for the business (hope you like it!):

Yes, it is rather simple, but that was my goal. I wanted something straightforward, and this fit the bill! So, what do ya' think? Like it? I am currently working on my business website (the main brain-frying event of the day), and will give you all a link to the website once it is finished so you can learn more!

Also, I am happy to announce that I have written another short story! I plan to post it in three small segments as soon as I get around to editing it one more time (editing=heavy sigh). The story's title is " A Dream of Shadow", and it is based directly off the song "Waiting on the Night to Fall" by Casting Crowns:

Cool song to base a story on, huh? Be looking for "A Dream of Shadow" soon! The old man's comin' to call!

Last but not least, if you haven't seen my last post, look below! My sisters are back to blogging!


  1. I like the new name and logo. It looks very perfessional, and the name is really great. And now I want to know what inspired you to find the name idea?

    I'm looking forward to reading your story too:)

  2. Hi Elanee! Well, I know I should probably have some great story on the inspiration for my logo, but, well, I don't really. :0) My dad and I were coming home from men's group one day when my dad suggested, "Hey, how about Kyle's Clipper? You know, like the ship." And I said, "Wow, that would look cool!" Thus the logo was born . . . (Yep, no inspiration from the Mayflower, or the symbol of a young man going against the tide of culture, or anything like that) ;0)

    God bless!


  3. Nice logo! The Ship idea is great. :) And yes... that name will most likely bring more customers then Bowe's Mows... but then, you never know! :P jk

  4. Thank you, Eden! I agree, BowesMows was a little more goofy than anything else (sorry Jordan). ;0)

  5. That's okay Kyle... I know everyone liked it, but I'll just use it for a competing business!

    Oh wait... my last name isn't Bowes!