Monday, February 24, 2014

Day at the Capitol

Hello, everyone! Today my family had the opportunity to go to our state capitol to participate in the annual "Day at the Capitol" homeschool event. It was really interesting, and quite fun! It was a great chance to see some of our friends, and make some new ones! More importantly, we got the chance to be ambassadors for Christ and the homeschool movement to our state leaders!

The first thing we did was deliver apple pies to many if not all of our senators, representatives, and even our governor! I can't remember the final count, but I think there were around 180 pies delivered!

Yep, it was a lot of pies!

Below are all the people who were involved in the apple pie deliveries!

All of us APDs (Apple Pie Deliverers) receiving our orders! 

It is an unavoidable fact that I am a country boy. I am most comfortable in a pair of holey jeans and a worn T-shirt, and I didn't even own a sports jacket till, well, yesterday actually (last-minute Goodwill shopping is awesome!). Poor Brielle didn't recognize me for half the day! ;0)

But then again, who says country boys can't get dressed up every now and then?
(But yes, I did draw the line at wearing a tie) ;0)

My pretty sisters!

 Delivering the pies was very interesting. More often than not we would just give the pies to the secretary or aide of the senators and representatives, though every once in a while we got to deliver the pie to the actual VIPs themselves! ;0)

Haha, well, this was my first go at handing off a pie below. I forgot the little two sentence script and fumbled through the whole thing--but hey, I did manage to give them the pie, at least. I got more confident as the day went on till I had the delivery down pat and just had fun with the whole thing. ;0) Now I wonder why I was even nervous at all . . .
Here was one of the really nice representatives we got to meet!
After all the pies were delivered, we APDs and a bunch of other homeschoolers gathered under the Rotunda for a time of fellowship and encouragement! One of the most awesome things was singing "God Bless America" right there in the capitol, with our voices ringing magnificently off the marble walls of the Rotunda!
I could write about and post more pictures of today, but as you can guess, I am pretty wiped out after the long day. Time to hit the sack (who came up with that phrase, anyway?)! Be checking my mom's blog for more pictures! Goodnight!


  1. I think the sport coat looks nice! You should wear it more often!

    I think I have like....... amm..... seven of them! No kidding! And I'm always on the lookout for a nice one!
    I do need to work on you when it comes to wearing a tie though! ;) jk

  2. Hey, I'm always willing to consider offers on the jacket . . . I'll sell it to you for $5! :0P

    Actually, I kind of enjoyed being "dressed up." I had several people ask me for directions while at the capitol. It's like once you put on a sports coat everybody thinks you must be someone important! It was fun pretending, at least. ;0)

  3. Looks like fun! I had a Washingtonian (if that is what you call yourselves) ask me if I was going to Apple Pie Day... Well, I would love to go and socialize, but I'm not from WA. ;) :D

    And yes, the suit coat looks very nice. ;)

  4. So . . . start the first annual Apple Pie Day at your OR capitol! I think all you Strangs would make very good APDs!

    Hey, as I mentioned to your bro, the coat is for sale! I know Jordan's birthday is a ways away, but with his OBVIOUS infatuation with sports coats, it might be just the right gift! (that is, unless he finds out that you bought it for $5, for that might kinda put a damper on things). :0P

  5. Actually we do have an Apple Pie Day at our capitol, but we have never gone before. Well, I don't know... those officials might get a little more than they bargained for. ;) I mean, during the elections, called up the Conservative Party's Candidate to ask if he was 100% prolife. He actually called me back and talked to me! :D Pretty awesome. :)

    No, you need to keep it until you learn to wear a tie. :P

  6. But by being an APD, you could actually meet some of your politicians face to face! You guys should do it sometime!

    No thanks. I'd rather not walk around with a noose around my neck, if ya know what I mean! :D

  7. Hm, maybe you are just avoiding the tie because you are trying to hide the fact that maybe you don't know how to tie a tie??? :D Ah! I think I came to the root of the issue. :P

    (And FTR, yes, I know how to tie a tie. ;) )

  8. Great pictures! Looks like you all had a blast!

    Btw... thumbs up for the suit coat.... but it's missing a tie. ;)
    And.... not to be outdone by Bethany, FTR, I can tie a tie too! :P

  9. Bethany--Haha, you should have seen all of us best men at Lydia's wedding. It took us all of an hour just to get our ties tied. I decided right then and there that ties are overrated, so no, I don't know how to tie a tie. :0P

    Hi Eden! Thanks! My mom deserves all the credit for the pics--I just stole them. :0) A "thumbs up" from a fashion critique is pretty cool, me thinks. Maybe I can sell the jacket for $10? :0P

    So what, do the Strang sisters tie their brother's ties or something?

  10. Give me a break.... They tie my tie???? Of course not! I've known how to tie one for years! (BTW: They only know one knot... I use like three different ones depending on the different style of tie etc.) They're really easy to tie anyway... Just go around the back twice and then behind, over, and through....... That's all!!!!!

    I don't think ties are overrated!!! They're under-appreciated! :P:P


  11. Haha, I knew that would draw a comment from you, Jordan! I didn't think you would let them . . . You gotta draw the line somewhere, right? I mean, having them give you those crazy little Valentine instructions every year has got to be at least toeing that line . . . ;0P

  12. Haha... well, I'm over the valentine thing by now!