Monday, February 3, 2014

Hotrod for sale!

Hi guys! I have so enjoyed cruising around in style with my first car. "Muscle" doesn't even begin to describe him (I don't like referring to such a mean machine as "her"). Seriously, with the sleek red paint and purring motor, my first car is a hotrod! What make and model, you car fanatics ask, with eyes wide and mouth drooling? I'll tell you in a minute, but first some more facts about my hotrod.

This sleek red car pulled my lawn care business around from the start, providing the needed muscle and ability effortlessly. It is said that people of all ages have stopped in the streets to gaze with mouth agape as I drive by in such a pristine muscle car, especially those of the teenager girl variety. Yes, you can add "chick magnet" to the list of names for this car, though none of its names do it justice.

"What make and model!" you car fanatics all but scream, nearly ready to throttle me if I don't give you that info about this amazing car. Hold on, first a few more facts (it's called building the anticipation). Mustangs and Camaros are put to shame by this car! Comparing such relatively awesome cars like Ferraris and Corvettes to my hotrod is like comparing a mud puddle to Mt. Rushmore! A Hummer is about as muscular as a 90-pound asthmatic when put side-to side with my car! This, folks, is the real deal.

Okay, okay, so now you all are probably wanting me to back up my claim. I can, but we need to make one more distinction: Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder as the popular saying would have you believe. Beauty in the car world is found, quite simply, in my hotrod. Glad we could clear that up! Moving on  . . .

So now that you have the facts, need I even give you the make and model? YES, you say, more out of agitation than anything else.

Oh, um, okay.

If you really need to know . . . Why do you need to know? You already know enough, me thinks. Alright, alright! It was only a suggestion. Since you must know . . .

my car is a 98' Ford Escort Wagon. Sigh.

I was going to try this sales pitch on Craigslist, but for some reason I couldn't quite justify it. Sure, most wouldn't qualify your run-of-the-mill grocery grabber as a hotrod, but perhaps beauty really is in the eye of the beholder! No, you say? Whatever. I though this car was really cool, at least.

Yes, I am selling it, which begs the question: if you think it is so cool, why are you getting rid of it? This is easily answered with the fact that not all cars (however awesome) were made to tow a lawn care business around. I made it work for awhile, but now I need a truck.

Now to the point. If any of you blog followers (well, except for those of you in AZ and MI duh) or any of your family/friends are looking for an awesome (hotrod) Escort hatchback to buy, I know where you could find one! There is the beauty below, and you can also check out my craigslist add by clicking this link:

P.S. This post begs a quick comment on my opinion of cars. Contrary to this post, I do not glorify cars. I find the "car worship" of vehicles such as Ferraris quite silly. A car, in my opinion, is made to get you from point A to point B. What it looks like or how powerful it is really doesn't matter . . .


  1. The indignity! The disrespect! My car's a he and should be referred to with masculine adjectives!

    Just kidding. ;0)