Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Alas, ruddy gentlemen and maidens fair!

Alas, it tis here! I knoweth it in the depths of my soul.

I arose from my bed chamber this morning to a clear sky of blue, but my mind did delighteth not in the splendor of the morning's majesty. All is not well, my kin and comrades. Today I hastened with dread to the place I fear. The shadow-filled halls beckoned me, and I could do nothing more than obey.

Is this to be the day I am conquered?

I sat among the dread labyrinth of halls, awaiting my fate. But is it fate that would bring a lowly creature such hope, or is hope more bequeathed of providence? Alas, though, my hope was not to last. Providence saw fit for me to be lowered in my lofty estimation of my abilities. The words I longeth to hear and had often heard in the past did cometh not to me this day.

Alas, it tis here! The decay of the tooth has finally gained a foothold among my teeth like salt on the purest of snow! If not corrected, I must give in to my dread foe, and my darkest dreams will be confirmed!

Alas, the day of dread tis here!

Ahem, in keeping with tradition, this is my biannual "Shakespeare goes to the dentist" post,  in case you were wondering. :0) The first post was written while I was sitting in the waiting room of our dentist utterly afraid that I had a cavity. It is a fairly big deal among us quadruplets over who is going to be the first to have a cavity, so our dentist trips are hyped up a little bit more than they probably should be. ;0)
As the "old-English-written" post above suggests, unfortunately "cavity free" may no longer apply to me soon. But there is still hope! The dentist said today that I had what he called "soft spots" between a couple of my teeth that will probably become cavities (noooo!!!!!). There is still a chance that if I keep my teeth remarkably clean, the "soft spots" might be hardened again, so we'll see if a frenzied amount of brushing and flossing these next few months can keep me from having my first cavity. :0)
So, role call! Who all is still in the no-cavity club?


  1. I don't have any far. But I do feel nervous at dentist appointments lest I should. :)

  2. I have never had a cavity, praise God! :)
    And I hate going to the dentist. :P

    See you guys this weekend!

  3. Thou cannot knoweth how relieved I am! Keepeth up the good fight to keep thy teeth clean, friends!

  4. Thank the Lord I am in the no-cavity club!!
    Hey, I'm also in the wise club (still have my wisdom teeth). :)

  5. Wisdom--even the great king Solomon new how valuable it is. That the minions of that shadow-filled halls threaten to remove my wisdom teeth only confirms what I already knoweth: That place is not for the faintest of heart. Welcome to the club, comrade!

  6. Eh! Knew, that is. Timmy threw a foam football on the laptop which accidently published the comment above before I could proof-read it. :0)