Monday, January 20, 2014

I'm back!

As Dr. Leo Marvin would put it from What About Bob: FREE!!!! I'm FREEEEEE!

Okay, so our internet fast wasn't all that bad. About ten puzzles, lots of board games, multiple hours of undistracted writing time, a handful of cherished memories with relatives, two dances, several rounds of Ultimate Frisbee, a few days up at the Tevis farm, and lots of reading later, I have learned just how much time the internet can take from us. Though it is not always a bad thing, be careful how you spend your time on the internet!

Here are a few random funny pictures of the past month:

Oh the things you do while you're on an internet fast, like trying to beat your dad at a game your little brother got for Christmas . . .

Joe-Joe didn't even know . . .

An intense game of Scrabble . . .
Reverse charades! As you can tell, it is the most hilarious game ever! What on Earth is Daddy trying to act out? Well, don't ask me . . .

Coming in for a landing . . .

I think they were acting out a family picture in this one . . .

My awesome acting team and I!
Um . . .

Dun dunta da da dun dun dunta da da dun dun dunta da da dun, hey!

Thankfully, I put my limited dancing skills to use elsewhere as well . . .

We also took a trip to White Pass (SSNNOOWW!) . . .

It's good to be back! Look for some more posts soon!


  1. Hey Kyle! The world can go on now, right? ;)
    Glad to have your family back! Those were some funny pictures. :D

  2. Hey Bethany! Yep, the world is back to speed as far as I see it. ;0)

  3. Glad you are back. We really missed you! Grammie and Papa

  4. Awe, thank you, Grammie and Papa! It's good to be missed! ;0)


  5. Enjoyed your sense of humor and post Kyle!

  6. Great to see you again, Kyle! (I was beginning to wonder if you'd fallen off the face of the earth! ;))

    Reverse charades??? Sounds better than the real thing!

  7. Hi Jordan!

    Here's how reverse charades works in case you were wondering: Basically, it's just like charades except that only *one* person is guessing while three or four are acting! So yeah, it's about three times the amount of hilarity (and embarrassment, I might add) of normal charades! :0)

  8. Congratulations on making it through your internet fast alive! I've missed your humor filled posts. :)
    Reverse Charades sound like fun! We'll have to give it a try one of these days.

  9. Yep, I came out of the "Pit of Despair" alive! As Miracle Max would say, "(I) was not dead, only *mostly* dead." :0) (hopefully you've watched *The Princess' Bride*, or this reference won't make a ton of sense)

    Seriously, though, the internet fast was a good thing. It was nice to step back and prioritize my time. Needless to say, though, I missed blogging! :0)