Thursday, December 19, 2013

Write to you in a month, friends

Goodbye blogging!

Okay, don't freak out . . .  I'll be back to blogging on the 20th of January, exactly one month from now. You see, my dad has put in place a one month internet fast for the whole family starting tomorrow. He said that in this post I could call him my "crazy" father, but I (albeit reluctantly) agree with him about the fast. And I don't think we are both crazy. I look forward to this new season in life and the many adventures we will have away from the computer screen!

The inspiration for this fast came from the documentary Captivated. I would recommend the film to anyone who wants to take a serious look at how much "screen time" is in their lives. Check it out at this link: Captivated the Movie

So, blog followers, this is your official heads up in case you begin to wonder. Contrary to the popular rumor two weeks from now, I will not have dropped off the face of the Earth! Instead, I will have merely stepped back into the Stone Age. If you want to get ahold of me or my family, try making smoke signals. If that doesn't work . . . um, make a bigger fire and try again!

No, you can still e-mail my mom, for as it is a necessary mode of communication, her e-mail is not part of the one month lock down. Also, you have a pretty good shot of reaching us on the telephone . . . maybe better than usual.

A merry Christmas to everyone, and a happy New Year! I'll catch up with you all in a month!

P.S. If you are inclined to comment, please know that I will not be responding after 11:59 PM tonight. ;0)


  1. I'll try . . . ;0)

    Merry Christmas!


  2. Bye, Kyle... I'll miss reading your blog, but I do hope to see you before the year is out! ;)

    And merry Christmas to you and yours!

  3. Goodbye Kyle! Merry Christmas to you all!

    I hope I convinced your sisters to come to the dance on the 27th. :)

  4. So you mean I have to fast from Bowe Family updates? That's great that your family is doing something together, Kyle! Lord willing we'll see you all soon! We don't have your home phone, but your mom has ours. :) ~Shiloh

  5. I know you won't see this for a month - but I watched the trailer & it looks pretty good! (your link is broken, but it was easy to find the official site with a quick search).

    A few years ago, we fasted from TV for Lent as a family - and when Lent was over, we decided we LIKED not having a TV - and it's still off! I DO like the internet & videos for my little girl, but I agree that media can easily become a mindless addiction & when you turn it off, the silence can be really great : )