Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hmmmm . . .

For those of you who don't know, last summer I was given the opportunity to start a lawn care business. A church friend of mine had a handful of people he was mowing for, but eventually he wanted to move on. He took a new job in the middle of the summer, which meant he needed someone to dump his mowing customers on.

Turns out, I was that someone.

Last summer I was actually working at a youth camp (see this post), but when my friend offered to sell me his lawn mower and give me the list of people he mowed for, my dad encouraged me to start my own lawn care business. I purchased the mower for $200, a small trailer for $425, installed a hitch on my Escort, and I was good to go! I picked up about five lawns through my friend's contacts and was in business.

Of course, as I was still working at the youth camp, I couldn't devote a ton of time to growing my lawn business. This year I plan to try and expand my business as much as possible to where I can fill out my hours as a self-employed, entrepreneurial business owner! One problem, though: I need a name for my business.

I have never been good with names. The stories that I write often go unnamed for the duration of the writing stage, and then they get some kind of lame name that is about as  . . . well, I don't know, really. Maybe bland, like white rice. Anyhow, I am not very good at creating a catchy name.

So now to get to the point of this post: I need your help! Yes, you! If You have any suggestions of what I should call my lawn care business, they would be very much appreciated! One thought I had was that it would be cool to use the "k" sound at the start of my name and use it in a catchy phrase with words like "clip" or "cut". Like "Kyle clips it" or something (though that may sound too much like a barber shop). This is not a general rule of thumb, only a suggestion. Shoot me with any idea that pops into your brain!

Just think of it, you could name my industrious business that is going to rock the booming town of Mossyrock, WA! What an awesome oppurtunity! (okay, come on; it's somewhat cool at least) :0)


  1. I have to admit that the first thought that popped in my head was "Kyle's Kalamities", but I assure you that it was only my cracking-myself-up sense of humor and it having nothing to do with your actual business product! :D

    Yeah, I'm really bad with names too.... ;)

    Hm... Kyle's Styles? Nah, that still sounds like a hair place.
    Classic Kyle... Kyle's Cue... Kyle's Kerfs... Kyle's Kelter... (My computer doesn't remember how to spell words that we really don't use anymore!)

    Maybe look through this list:

  2. Kyle's Kalamities. Oh, wow . . . thanks.

    I can just see it: Kyle's Kalamities, the best a lawn can get!

    I think I'll keep looking . . . No offense. ;0)

    1. Thanks for the link, though! I'll take a look.

  3. Okay... How about BowesMows... Haha. Probably would get more laughs than lawns if you did that! ;)

  4. Hey, it's catchy, doesn't sound like a barber shop, and to the point . . . but probably no. Sorry.

    I see promise in that one suggestion, though; keep thinking, Jordan!

  5. Here's a random list of names I thought of.
    K.B.'s Lawn Care, (I don't know your middle initial, but it might look better to have all three of your initials in the previous name instead of just the first and last.) Kyle's Lawn Mowing Service, K's Quick Cut Lawn Care, Kyle Mows a Mile, ( o.k. That one was kind of a joke;) Kyle's Lawn maintenance, K.B.'s Ground Control, Kyle's Lawn Service, The Grass Barber, Kyle's Lawn Styling, K.B. Cut Right Lawn Service.

  6. Kyle's Klassy Cuts (no...sounds like a barber). Mmm...that's about the best I can come up with. Kyle's Kind Cuts? Kyle's Conscientous Cuts? Probably not. :) BowesMows was better. :/

  7. Melvin Zwick here.

    Klobbering Kyle the Mower Man LOL
    Kutting Kyle the Mower Man Might work

  8. Kyle Bowes Cleans, Cuts, & Mows. This would make more sense as a slogan, I guess :-) And, you might get calls from old ladies wanting you to clean their house lol
    I'm still thinking!

  9. Elanee: My middle initial is J, so using all my initials might make people think I really like the King James Bible or something! :0) Thank you for all your suggestions! K's quick cut lawn care especially caught my eye . . .

    Kari: Hey, if nothing else I have a new word to add to my vocabulary! I had to Google "conscientious" to get the definition and figure out how it applies to mowing. ;0) Thanks for commenting and keep thinking!

    Mr. Melvin Zwick: First off, how did Grandpa let you commandeer his computer? You are a pretty smart dude! I am afraid kutting Kyle the mower man just doesn't give me an overwhelming sense of your awesome creative talents, though. Keep thinking!

    Lydia: whoa, whoa, whoa, drop the "cleans" and you might have just created a perfect slogan! "Kyle Bowes cuts and mows" has a nice ring to it! Or maybe "Kyle Bowes trims and mows!" Me likes how your brain works! Keep thinking!

  10. Kyle Bowes Cuts What Grows! Papa

  11. And it appears there's two people for BowesMows now!!! It seems we may be on to something, Kyle!!!

    Hahah I'm kidding! (and you know how much I do that!)

  12. Hi Papa! Wow, another word rhyming with Bowes that relates to mowing! Nice suggestion!

    Jordan: What, you joking? Na, You *never* do that! Oh wait . . .

    Actually, at this point it seems that the general public is leaning towards BowesMows or some variant of the rhyme! I think you are on to something!

  13. My mom says, "Kyle with class will cut your grass." Maybe more of a slogan than a name....:)

  14. And the name of your lawnmower is.... Kyle's Keen Lawn Machine. :)

    Hire Kyle, He'll Mow a Mile

    Kyle Mows with Style

    Go visit your kin, while Kyle comes in.
    He'll mow your lawn, then your money will be gone.

    Hire Kyle, you will smile
    From your happy desert isle
    While Kyle mows your lawn in style.

    Is your wife hostile? Hire Kyle. (He'll take care of that Honey Do list.)

    Hire Kyle, it'll be worthwhile.

    Hire Kyle the Versatile.

    Hire Kyle once in a while. He'll mow your lawn with versatile style.

    Hope some of this helps with your slogan. :)

  15. It's cool my name rhymes with so many words, huh? :0)

    Thanks for all the suggestions, Kari! I esp. like "Hire Kyle, it'll be worthwhile!"