Thursday, December 12, 2013

Want to know more about me?

Well, sure you do! Below I have listed a few of my personalities (A.K.A quirks) that come to mind. Some of them you may know, but I guarantee you will learn something new (and startling) about me. For instance, did you know:

1) Crud freaks me out. No, really. The space underneath car seats is my worst nightmare. If you don't know what a space underneath a car seat looks like, let me fill you in. Think of half-chewed graham cracker goo mixed with unidentifiable crumbs and week-old McDonald fries, and also a licked-on Dum-Dum. (Gag!)

2) I do not wear pajamas. In fact, I do not even bother to change my clothes at bedtime. I generally just tumble into bed, whether I am wearing work clothes, church clothes, or anything in-between. When one bed sheet deteriorates, I put a new one on. (Okay, I know, that is really gross, and maybe I am exaggerating just a bit)

3) However nonchalant I am about PJs, though, I cannot fall asleep if I am wearing socks. In fact, my feet must be uncovered for me to fall asleep. I am the hotel maid's worse nightmare, for when she comes to fold the bed I sleep in, she will find all my bedding--comforter, blanket, and sheet-- untucked to give my feet their freedom.

4) I hold my pencil wrong

5) And my fork

6) You will never see me sit in a restaurant booth closest to the wall, for I am somewhat claustrophobic.

7) I have a bad sense of smell but consider it a blessing. I have (true story) walked up to a dead skunk and not even smelled it.

8) I am that guy who will ask that out of the blue question like: "Don't you think it's weird that millions of people crawl onto little soft pallets and wait for unconsciousness to take them when it gets dark?"

9) I am traumatized at the mention of cottage cheese. I have troublesome memories of when my mom forced me to eat the slop . . . and I up-chucked it all into my drinking cup. (Yeah, you really wanted to know that!)

10) Don't you think it's weird that we speed along at 70 mphs in these little metal and glass bubbles and think it's normal? Sorry, out of the blue question. Moving on.

11) I am very tall. I chart in at 6'5.5". My goal is to reach 6'6".

12) My worst favorite sound is not a finger nail against a chalk board, but when someone scratches the thin carpeting on a car ceiling.

13) One of my favorite things to do includes going to visit Lydia, Richie, and Mr. and Mrs. Tevis Sr. all in one evening, for by the end of the visit I will usually have had two delicious dinners, a couple of deserts, and won about $0.35 in loose change playing poker with Mr. Tevis Sr. Now that is a fantastic way to spend an evening, friends.

14) My family will tell you a story of when I drank a young mom's latte while she was riding a carousel with her child on a San Francisco boardwalk. I will deny it.

15) There was also that time I made a hotdog at a self-serve gas station and didn't have any money to pay for it. I will deny that, too.

16) Give me any kind of a writing assignment and I will hug you like I just won a million bucks.

17) I find opportunities to tell my shorter wombmates (I am a quadruplet, by the way) how much height I stole from them somewhere along the developing process.

18) I put ketchup on my steak . . . and most everything else.

19) I am extremely competitive, though I am trying to become a little less intense in that regards. I will be offended if you beat me at Ping-Pong.

20) I have a tendency to burst out laughing suddenly for no apparent reason. Don't mind me. I am probably planning a blog post just like this one.

I could go on, but I am pretty sure you have heard all you want to know. ;0)

P.S. So now that I have shared with you my innermost secrets, blog followers, who is bold enough to share some of their quirks below?


  1. Highfive on #4! I have never learned to hold my pencil correctly, but I get along just fine in life without proper grip techniques. ;) In fact, one time I wrote something down for a pastor and he told me, "You have very nice writing for a girl who doesn't hold her pencil correctly!"
    That was a very fun list to read. :D I found it amusing enough to read it out loud to the rest of the family in the room. And if I did that... it was amusing. :P
    I did something very similar on my blog, so I'll save myself the trouble of a lengthy comment by including the link:

  2. Oh boy, so you are saying the whole Strang family knows about my quirks? *gasps* Glad I am not alone in my pencil-holding habit (though I have never had anyone tell me that my handwriting looks good for some reason). :0) Maybe we know something the rest of the world doesn't . . .

    I will go check out your blog as soon as I click "publish". Thanks for the link!


    1. Yep. She read them out loud to the family.

  3. Amen to the junk under the car seat. {Shudders}
    HOW does one manage to sleep in their clothes??? That sounds horribly uncomfortable! However. I completely agree with the no sock thing. I literally JUST told my dad I can't sleep with socks on, no matter how cold I am.

    I also laugh at pretty much anything! Or I guess you could say, nothing. :) It's kind of embarrassing sometimes.

    When I get less than four hours of sleep at night, I act like I'm drunk.... That's REALLY embarrassing... I will actually walk into walls....

    I swore once when I was eight. My parents gave me a good talking to. I haven't done it since.

    I'm 5'1" and would love it if I could add a half inch. I often have to look up at my friends when I talk to them. (Notice I said "Look up at." not "Look up to") ;)

    One time I walked up to a car at Lowes thinking it was ours and started jiggling all the door handles.A few minutes later I noticed the cleanliness and the pack of gum on the seat and realized it wasn't our car. To this day I still hope no one was watching me.

    Helicopters make me drool. :) :) :) If one flies by I will jump up and down and wave my arms around.

    I'm terrified of bridges. Actually, I'm terrified of them collapsing, or our car crashing through the guard rail.

    I have a tendency to be sarcastic, and people often think I'm serious. Yeah, that's gotten me into a few scrapes.

    I enjoyed this post Kyle! Sooooo, how old were you when you drank the latte? ;)

  4. Latte? What Latte? (I told you I would deny it)

    Ahem, Thirteen. I barely took one sip, though, and would have completely denied the whole episode if it wasn't for the fact that I had whipped cream on my upper lip. The mom (who saw me nonchalantly handling her beverage as she went round and round) was hopping mad. I am pretty sure I ruined her day (not to mention her latte).

    I hope this doesn't offend, but you sound a lot like my little brothers as far as the helicopters go. ;0) Thanks for sharing your quirks!


    1. Oh, and sleeping in clothes comes in handy. It saves me about five minutes every day! Who says jeans can't serve as PJs?

  5. I, MELVIN ZWICK, do not have any quirky traits.

    But Grandpa has a few.

    1. Spiders. He does not like spiders. When he was a little kid (yes he was once a kid) his mom woke him up by frantically yelling at him to get out of bed. He groggily jumped up and looked around and found a monster tarantula spider in the bed he just left. Even as an adult he has to every now and then wake and shine a flashlight all around the bed to insure that tarantula had not returned.

    2. Like Kyle he sometimes sleeps in his clothes. But he always has to have his socks on. Don’t like cold feet.

    3. A day without playing his guitar is just not a day.

    4. He follows the cat owner rule that you never get up when a kitty is in your lap. It seems that Pepe always manages to get into grandpa’s lap about the time he needs to visit the restroom. Poor old Grandpa does a lot of wiggling until Pepe decides to get down. Grandpa sometimes convinces Grandma to get up and rattle the cat food cabinet door. Pepe never misses the opportunity to eat food.

    5. Poor Grandpa in a victim of the old Polish edict that says that “A Grandpa must give up his height to his first born Grandson.” Grandpa who was once 6’3” is now down to 6’1” and Kyle is still wanting to grow another half inch. Poor old Grandpa.

    6. Grandpa always eats the food he dislikes first. That way vegetables are always first off his plate.

    7. Grandpa has eaten just about everything that is edible except squash. Squash should never have existed as far as Grandpa is concerned.

    I, MELVIN ZWICK, could probably go on but I think this is enough of exposing Grandpa for now.

  6. Ha ha! Stay away from the second hobbit movie, Grandpa. There are some really big spiders trying to eat the main characters in the movie. :0)

    Squash? But what about pumpkin pie? I personally think blueberries were an affect of the curse, but that's just me.

    Sorry. I promise I will only steal one more half inch from you. :0) What will that make you, 6'0.5"? That's still pretty tall . . .

    Love you,


  7. I'm with you on #1, bro! I'm always freaked out about what I might find under a car seat while cleaning a car! Why oh why does it always have to look like a bakery underneath them?!?! lol

    Okay... Let me think...

    Well, I'm with you on the REALLY competitive thing. Except that I'm really awful at ping pong because I'm too competitive and wham the ball way too hard so I'm always out after one round of round robin!

    Okay... I can't whistle. Repeat, CAN'T whistle! It's always been that way and I guess I'll never get the technique right!

    I'm left handed... But that's not a quirk, that a divinely bestowed blessing of God! ;) (Actually, it's awesome to be LHanded. For one thing, if you're right-handed, you never get mentioned!)

    I'm not into reptiles... At all!

    I'm not into dissections.. No thanks! (There's a story behind this one!)

    I'm a really high energy person... So I move around a lot and everyone notices.

    I'm not into awkward.... Unless I'm the one to say "awkward!"

    I'm not always to be trusted to say something really serious. And if it is seriously important, it comes out funny!

    I talk... a lot.

    I like yogurt with blueberries, but hate blueberry yogurt. (Once again, there's a story)

    I'm a perpetual movie line quoter!

    And..... I can't think of anything really weird right now, but maybe i'll do a post like this on my blog sometime!

    1. Jordan.... be able to quote movie lines at just the right moment isn't a quirk... it's a talent. ;)

  8. Right on, bro! You sound a lot like me.

    I totally can see your competitiveness after playing on the same Ultimate Frisbeee team with you. (we made a pretty epic team, me thinks) Of course, you were not the guy to steamroll Kevin V. to try and make that one catch. . . . That was embarrassing.

    I agree with you as far as slamming Ping-Pong balls go. That's why I have perfected my "slam" move. If you are ever on the other side of a Ping-Pong table from me, be warned: I will slam a ball really hard, and it *will* hit the table. Good luck returning it. (Cue the Muhaha evil laugh) ;0)

    Hey, I'm left-handed too! Okay, only when I am throwing a Frisbee. Don't ask why, because I don't know.

    Here's a suggestion: just ignore the blueberries all together! (Nasty little things!)

    (shuffles feet) I can't whistle either.

    Thanks for the comment, Jordan!


  9. Hey! I found your blog from Jordan's blog! I really enjoyed reading this post!

    I don't hold my pencil or fork right either.

    Here's some little weird things about myself ;-)
    1. I absolutely cannot have my socks on when I go to bed and I absolutely cannot have any covers on when I go to bed! I have to sleep completely uncovered!
    2. I'm extremely picky!
    3. I'm really short...5'1"... :(
    4. I have lots of awkward moments...and whenever I play soccer I hurt myself.

    Press On!

  10. Hi there, Carissa! Thanks for the comment!

    Hey, being short has a few advantages. For instance, you don't have to constantly worry about hitting your head on doorframes. ;0)


    1. True...but ther are plenty of disadvantages to being short as well... :-/

      Press On!

    2. Haha! I am beginning to think you are rather pessimistic about your height . . .

      Just focus on the positives of being 5'1". You know, the cup is always half full and all that good stuff. ;0)


    3. Yeah, I kinda am...
      I should do that...thanks for that great reminder!

      Press On!

  11. Did the latte taste good?? ;)

  12. Yup--up until I realized it wasn't mine. ;0)

    1. Ah ha! :) You didn't deny it! :P

    2. Oops! I meant, well, I meant that I didn't REALLY taste the latte. In fact, I didn't drink any of it at all, because I realized that it wasn't mine!

      Sigh. You are pretty clever, Eden. ;0)