Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Want to know even more about me?

Hi everyone! Due to the popularity of my post on my quirks, I couldn't help but make a sequel. Yes, this is a cheap tactic to get more blog views, but hopefully the sequel doesn't disappoint as most do. ;0) Enjoy!

1) I call my '98 Ford Escort hatchback My Sleek Hotrod. I refuse to comment on what the rest of the family calls it.

2) You will see me doing one of three things when I am driving alone in My Sleek Hotrod: (1) silently contemplating some deep thing or another, (2) keeping a running dialog with myself (like, you totally blew right past that stop sign, Kyle! Pay attention!), or (3) singing along with my radio (definitely only when I am alone).

3) I have lifted 165 tons of rock. Don't believe me? Here is proof (oh, and also my grandparents Grammie and Papa ;0)! ):

Still not convinced? Here is some more proof (I made this video a year ago and have since finished the rock work. Please ignore the video quality):
 4) I am very proud of all that rock work, by the way.

5) I am constantly teased about my height. "How's the weather up there!" is the first thing one dear friend says to me whenever we meet. I don't mind, though. I can feel you all envying my stature.

6) If you get long-winded telling me something, my mind will probably wander. I will stare blankly at you when you ask me if I agree or not with what you said and ask you to repeat yourself (shows you what a great husband I am going to make someday).

7) I can't help but mess around with cooking something in the kitchen every now and again. The smoke detectors often let me know when it is time to stop.

8) My little brothers and I love to create far-fetched stories (complete with sound effects). We have had a piece of Chinese food go to the Moon.

9) Speaking of stories, in all the stories I have written, if you know enough about me, you will be able to pick out strange coincidences between my main characters and I. For instance, We learn that Ethan from my short story In The Presence of Titans just got his first car and his first job. That directly coincides with my life, for at the time I wrote the story I had just bought My Sleek Hotrod and had just begun my first actual job.

10) If you tell me that baseball is boring, I might just refuse to talk to you for the rest of the day.

11) However, I will completely agree with you if you say soccer, hockey, and basketball are about as fun as watching paint dry.

12) Also, I love snow! I have literally cried myself to sleep in my younger days when snow is removed from the forecast.

 13) My family says my room is a "safety hazard."

14) I ran in a one-mile race at a beach on the Fourth of July and nearly died. You would think these long legs of mine would help me out more . . .

15) I live on a farm, but get hay fever really bad (like coughing all night bad). I dread that one day every year when we get our supply of hay.

16) I worked with a mole trapping company one summer and would sing this little ditty to myself as I set traps:

You, mole, are a terrible creature of the very devil's race
Your handiwork is quite destructive, like acne on the Earth's face!
Oh hoe! Soon you will be dead!
This trap will snap off your head!

 17) Whenever anyone has any leftovers when we are eating out, they will automatically pass them my way for me to finish off. My appetite knows no limits.

18)  When my little brothers and I play Airsoft, they call me the "phantom." I am that good at sneaking up on them and unloading my clip into their backs (don't worry, they are as padded as marshmallows and don't feel a thing).

19) How much writing do I do in a day? Surprisingly, some days none. But most days I write between 1,000 to 3,000 words combined between all my various writings.

20) What was on my Christmas list this year? Simply, stuff you can find in Home Depot and a bunch of good books. Oh, and also an Amazon gift card just for good measure.

 I could think of a few more things . . . but I think I will stop at 20) again. ;0)


  1. I completely agree with you on number 11. And I like baseball too.
    I will have to speak with your sisters about the Hotrod......
    And I'm allergic to hay too... and of course that's my job on our farm.

  2. You think that soccer and basketball are boring?!?! I like baseball but not as much as soccer and basketball.

  3. Shiloh, great! I am glad you like baseball, for I have already unofficially invited your family to my birthday baseball game next year. Please do not speak of my Hotrod to my sisters. Their opinion of it is not as it should be. Oh, and hay is nasty, isn't it?

    Carissa, well, to each their own, I guess (as long as you like baseball ;0) ).