Saturday, December 7, 2013

The adventures of Tiny continue!

Hi, blog followers! Thank you all for your participation in the continuous story about a wee lad named Destiny (nicknamed Tiny)! He has already had many adventures, including escaping hordes of blue-faced bloggers, taming a wild horse, and crossing a vast plain in search of his yet elusive quest! It has been so much fun to read all of your creative comments, family and friends!

With less than two days left till the deadline of the story (the story ends tomorrow at 11:59 PM), our hero is now approaching several snow-capped peaks in search of adventure. He is riding atop a blue stallion named Azule, and his West Highlander White Terrier Sophie is trotting along in a determined fashion at his side. Destiny's other companions include a turned-friendly blue-faced blogger and 4 of his 55 sheep. This little round blogger and his four sheep are being pulled behind in a Indian travois by Azule, and it remains yet to be seen how--or if--they will help Tiny accomplish his quest.

Speaking of quests, Tiny has yet to figure out just what he has traveled all this way for. What is his grand quest? Where will it take him, and what new friends and enemies will he meet? Well, blog followers, you decide! In the post below (entitled "I need your help, blog followers), click on the comment section and write away!

Long live Tiny! (and Azule, and Sophie, and the blue-faced blogger, and his sheep, and . . .)

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