Monday, December 9, 2013

Now that was fun!

Hi, blog followers! Thank you to practically all of you who joined in on the continuous story about a wee lad named Tiny! Our friend Tiny had an epic, if comical, adventure through desolate fields of blueberries (ick!) and a beautiful land full of delectable goodness. It was so cool to see the unique input you all added!

I think we can all agree that this was one of the funniest comments:

Liberated was our little friend Tiny as he knocked over the aforementioned creature and sat on him and patted him on the cheek saying "You ugly thing, go home to your mama and leave me alone or I might just..." (the gurgling in Tiny's stomach-full of blueberries was enough to finish his sentence and widen the eyes of the blue-faced blogger in horror.)

Haha! This comment was crafted by none other than my big sister Lydia!

In order of appearance, Thank you Melvin Zwick, Mommy, Lydia, Richie, Daddy, Anna, Kari, Hannah, Princess Sophie (Mrs. Holborn, perhaps?), Janet, Caroline, Meemom, Aunt Kelley, Victoria, and Bethany for your comments! Tiny wouldn't have gotten far without you! 

You can read the full story in all its grandeur here

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