Friday, November 22, 2013

You heard it from me first!

 Douglas Bond's book, Duncan's War, is in the process of being turned into a movie!!! I know, awesome right?! If you don't know who Douglas Bond is, well, you should. He has written my favorite historical fiction books; he is an awesome author! One of my favorite series of books is Bond's Crown and Covenant Trilogy, of which Duncan's War is the first book. I was so thrilled when I learned there was going to be a movie made!

Here is some solid proof:

(Note: this movie will not be a cartoon, but an actual live-action film. These are just sketches of what the poster and characters could look like)

That's Duncan on the left, his little brother Angus in the middle, and their dog Brodie on the right.

To find out more, click this link to Mr. Bond's blog.

Are there any Bond die-hards or fans out there? If so, which out of all his books would you have preferred turned into a movie? (My pick would have definitely been Hostage Lands, but I can't complain with Duncan's War, either)


  1. Ha! Already found out about that awhile ago! :)

    Yeah... Doug Bond is an amazing author!

  2. Yes, I had a bit of filmmaker's inside scoop. ;) Well, sorta. :P

    Now... where are they holding auditions?!

    This will be quite a neat movie!

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  4. And here I was thinking I was the first to find out this "new" news . . . sigh.

    I do agree, though, this movie is going to be awesome! :0)

  5. Yeah, sorry Kyle, we've known about this for awhile. ;-)
    I'm excited that someone has decided to tackle this book! I hope they consider doing the next two as well!

  6. Shiloh, yes, as much as I like Duncan's War and the second book, the third book, Rebel's Keep, is definitely my favorite, so I sure hope this film company tackles all three books! If not, maybe the industrious Strang filmmakers can take over! ;0)

  7. That's great! I can't wait!!! I so like Douglas Bond's books...though I have yet to read "Hostage Lands"... And the third book was definitely my favorite!

  8. Definitely read Hostage Lands . . . It is the best Bond book ever! Also, I am in the middle of reading The Thunder by Bond and am enjoying it. :0)