Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What has this writer been up to?

If you are reading this, you probably know enough about me to know that I am a writer. If you don't . . . Hi! I am Kyle Bowes,  foremost a Christian, secondly a writer. I truly believe that the pen is mightier than the sword, and it is my desire to wield this powerful weapon for the Lord Jesus. Of course, wielding any weapon with skill takes practice; writing is no different. My training ground is Microsoft Word. My stories are my sparring matches. You, my audience, are the unfortunate Guinea Pigs of the end result.

I know, that last fact was a mean comparison. Guinea Pigs (see that cute little fella' on the left) are commonly understood today as those poor little creatures who are constantly put through a run of inhumane tests at the whims of a bushy-headed scientist. . . and very few are known to enjoy the ordeal. Digory's Uncle Andrew From C.S. Lewis's The Magician's Nephew even sent one of the furry little creatures to another world against its will. In short, countless Guinea Pigs are known to have been put through some pretty grueling stuff for their owner's advancement.

Wow, I guess that does describe my audience pretty well. Sorry.

In all seriousness, I do hope you, my cherished reader, enjoy my writings. I strive to write stories, articles, and journal entries that are compelling and a fun read. I yearn to share the gift I believe God has given me with as many as will accept it. However, if you have never walked away with a headache after reading one of my poorly written posts, you must have had some good Advil at hand. Sometimes I am sure you have accepted my writing gift only to feel that you were the recipient of a White Elephant prank. I salute and thank you, friends and family, for continuing to bear with me through the growing pains of a novice writer. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement! It really means a lot.

In deep appreciation of my faithful followers, I would like to give you a quick peek at what I am currently working on. It is that time of year again here in WA where the days are short and the rain storms are long. Outside activity is a forlorn thought, and the locals go into hibernation mode. Many retreat to the fireplace with a good book in hand, while those who are lucky enough fly to lands the sun has not forsaken. Hibernation for me, though, means that I have much more time to devote to writing (sighs of ecstasy)! It is here, in the damp, drab realm of a Washingtonian winter, that many of my stories are born.

Such is the case with my latest short story, The Wanted Man. Set in a world where mankind has embraced Darwinian Evolution (survival of the fittest) as truth, The Wanted Man is my first try at a futuristic tale. Though it is the darkest tale I have written to date, I have enjoyed writing it and have completed about two-thirds of it. I do not want to reveal anything more about the short story at this point, but be looking for more details soon! It is my hope to begin posting The Wanted Man in short segments at the start of the new year.

My sci-fi novella Eriar: The End of and Age is still buried in the forgotten realm of unfinished stories, unfortunately, and I have not had the courage to save it from its doom yet. Oh, I have mostly finished it, but after having a change of heart over how the boy/girl relationship should work itself out (a vital part to the story), I have had a little reconstructing to do, including coming up with a completely different end to the story. Yeah, no problem. I am sure I will finish it sometime, though; it's just a matter of time.

 I am also very excited about an upcoming project with a friend to co-author a book together! This project has just been born and I don't think we are quite sure if it will grow to be an elegant novel or just a fun writing project, but I am definitely looking forward to improving my writing skills through this new experience.

As you have probably noticed, I occasionally post articles I write on my blog, for I love most any kind of writing, not just creating stories. It is my plan to post many articles on my thoughts of many important issues in the coming months, so hold on to your hats!

The last thing bouncing around like a Ping-Pong ball in my brain is creating a new blog called something to the effect of "Kyle's Files" to archive all my writing in. This blog would not have the personal posts and pictures like this blog does, but it would have short stories, articles, journal entries, movie and book reviews, and my other writing odds and ends. I am not sure if a blog like this will gain enough of a following to make it worthwhile, though, so we'll see what I decide. Any comments to that end, blog followers? (Note: At this point, I am not thinking of discontinuing Extraordinary Existence, only having a better spot to put my writing. Ext. Exi. would still continue to give snap shots of my life but would not be the place where I post my writings.)

That is a quick run-down of what I have been up to lately (well, other than eating, sleeping, and getting ready for Christmas insanely early). ;0) I am not sure if my writing will be a career of just a hobby, but whatever the case, I will always use it for the service of Jesus Christ! I look forward to giving glory to His great name in all I write!

As always, I would love to hear any suggestions or advice! Comment below!


  1. You mean that Guinea pig is supposed to be me? I thought it really resembled you!

    -an insane reader

  2. Oh no! Has my crazy writing experiments caused one of my readers to lose their mind? Oops.

    Anonymous, you are a valued reader. Please know that I regard you as much more than a furry member of the rodent family . . . I just couldn't resist making the analogy/comparison. :0D I wish you all the best in finding your lost marbles . . . and while you're at it, you should come up with a name for yourself other than "an insane reader". ;0)

  3. My Dear Son,
    I feel VERY fortunate and privileged to be one of your guinea pigs! I am thoroughly enjoying your writing! I thank God for the gifts He has given you, and that you long ago surpassed your teacher's abilities. It is an awesome thing to sit back and witness the mighty work of God in your life and all the good things He is doing in and through you. I thank Him that you are His, and that you are seeking to please, honor and glorify Him in everything you do. Keep pressing on and standing firm in this!

    Since I have limited time to read and be on the computer, my preference, (though really not that significant or a big deal) would be to keep everything in one place. (Kinda like my preference for one- stop-shopping when possible. It helps me save time.) Also, with my ADD tendencies :-), I do enjoy a mix of types of reading, photos, etc. I don't know all the pros and cons of having 2 separate sites, but off the top of my head, it seems ideal to me to have everything at one site, but maybe broken up into pages, as you have started at the top of your site.

    I am really looking forward to your upcoming posts on important issues. I especially love reading anything pertaining to God's powerful word, and how we can/should practically apply it to our daily lives.

    Thanks for asking for your value reader's thoughts and suggestions. We are very happy and willing guinea pigs!
    Love you more than all the printed letters from the beginning of time,

  4. My most cherished Guinea Pig,

    Thank you for your input! Making a couple more "tabs" instead of a new blog is a good idea . . .

  5. Yes, I have to agree with Mommy. Personally, I would like everything in one place, and I am wondering if you will continue to have more readers if you don't start up a separate blog. Whenever you start a blog people have to make an effort to get there...(such a strenuous task) and maybe you will get more of an audience when they are also drawn to your family photos and such. But, I do know it is nice to have things more organized in the blogosphere. Whatever you decide to do, I will still love you LOL