Sunday, August 11, 2013

Is summer "over"?

I had to read the title again, my eyes running over the words so fast that they became almost a blur. My mind could not comprehend what I was reading. The title of my mom's latest post read "End of summer 2013".

   No, it cannot be! We are mired in long days of sun, in warmth, ice cream, swimming, water fights, baseball, and all other wonderful things of summer! I sport an awesome farmer's tan, sweat through my shirt every day, and take cold showers in the evening! Summer simply cannot be over.

   But yet the first subtle signs that summer may not last forever are here. Our family has begun to plan events that fall on the turning of the season, namely all of us Bowes'es summer/fall birthdays and the two upcoming fairs. Slowly, the days are getting shorter. No longer is it light out till 9:45 at night. Mr. Petersohn, my boss at the Youth Camp, no longer has steady work for me. Instead, I will spend most of the week cutting, splitting, and stacking firewood, firewood that will keep us warm this coming fall and winter.  This coming fall and winter. The dry grass around me longs for this coming, when the first patter of rain will sweep across it. At this same time, a feeling of despair will sweep over me as I realize that 250+ days of rain await.

  Then again, a good case can be made that summer is still here in all its glory. Our local fair this weekend is called the Southwest Washington SUMMER Fair. August, the month we are currently in, is the hottest of all months. The average daily temperatures do not start going down till near the end of the month. Furthermore, the official start of summer is not until September 21! Obviously, Mommy was jumping the gun a little bit when she declared summer over as she longs for fall, by far her favorite season. I, however, will hold onto the delusion that summer will last for a long while yet, and that when it ends,  winter snow will be upon us quickly in fury and might, making up for our near snowless last winter. Yes, if it were not for the glimmer of hope that a snow storm might break up the long fall/winter days of rain, that my brothers and I can again zip down our hill at a bazillion miles an hour on our sleds, then I might just begin a pilgrimage back to the gloriously sunny land of my birth, Arizona.

  What do you think, blog followers? Is fall on its way, or is summer still fully upon us? Are you looking forward to the change of seasons, or do you dread it?


  1. Remember . . . fall is apple harvest time! Plenty of apples for apple pie! : -)

  2. hmmm . . . that tips the scale a little bit. I'm thinking . . . . . Nope! Fall is still something to NOT look forward to. :0)

  3. Summer!! But fall is coming in a few weeks. :-(

  4. Ssshhh, don't let my mom here that last part, or she will start getting out the Thanksgiving decorations. :0)

    Any plans for the fair yet? I think the only day I will be there is on Sunday. Victoria and Caroline will be showing their goats all weekend, so you can stop by and say "hi" to them at least if you do go earlier in the weekend.

  5. You are always welcome to spend winter with us in AZ...Papa and Grammie

  6. Cool! I'll keep that option in mind . . . It might come handy in January when I am absolutely sick of rain. :0)

    Love you both!