Friday, May 31, 2013

The Creation Museum!

 Hello everyone! The tired, carsick, homesick, allergy-attacked, and overall lethargic blogger of this blog here. I would bet a considerable amount of money if I was a betting man on that we are travelling over the bumpiest road in all of Illinois, or wherever we are now.  Hang with me, because I can barely see what I am typing due to the computer screen bouncing around like a pinball.

Wednesday and Thursday we got to visit the Creation Museum in Kentucky, our last stop before we make a beeline for home! It was so refreshing to be actually able to read one of the information signs without seeing something to the effect of "Millions of years ago . . .". In fact, the first sign we saw we read out loud about four times because it gave God the glory for his creation! I thoroughly enjoyed this stop! The museum was simply awesome, from its special effects theater, where the chairs rumbled and a bit of water was sprayed at you as if you were actually in the video of the flood before you, to the walk-through chronicle of the seven "c's", Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, and Consummation. The museum also had a very neat outside section that contained several gardens and a petting zoo.

So refreshing!

A couple of the walk through scenes

The first family on earth after the curse. Notice Eve pregnant in the background

Building the Ark

Joe-Joe will not say turtle because we laugh when it comes out something like "churtle". He does like them, though. :0)

The gardens were beautiful

Can you spot the tiny turtle in this pic?

 The petting zoo was cool

Watch out, tough guy, I'm loaded

A Zedonk!

Our pet thunderstorm again paid us a visit last night, but this time it came with a vengeance! It poured and poured and there was quite a bit of lightning and thunder. In fact, I think there was even a tornado watch for the area we were in last night! It was pretty wild.

Only two more nights before we are home! My next post will probably be from my own computer! YYYIIIIPPPEEEEEE!

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