Thursday, May 23, 2013

Oh Boy!

I swear this thunderstorm is just following us around, waiting to strike! It put a damper on our fun at Cedar Point, and now it is looking to swamp our campground! That's OK, though; I love severe weather. :0)

A cold front will continue to push slowly through the eastern states on Thursday.

Thursday's Outlook

Thursday's Outlook
Ahead of this front, a few thunderstorms could turn severe with localized damaging wind gusts. Areas that should be alert for severe weather includeAlbany, N.Y.Burlington, Vt.Washington, D.C.and New York City. In addition, localized heavy rainfall could lead to some pockets of flash flooding.
From the National Weather Service

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  1. Sounds like the weather over there has been not much different than the weather over here. I thought Daddy would be happy to be away from the rain...I don't think it has stopped raining for more than 2 minutes since Monday. Nasty, Yucky, Constant, soaking RAIN. I hope the sun comes out again soon before all of my veggies rot!