Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A new friend!

Look at this nice guy I met today! It took a little while, but thanks to his charming grin, we became best buds! He even took some time out of his busy schedule to play some mini-golf with me (see me holding the clubs). He said he had the day off, anyway. His wife was a little annoying behind us, as she clapped the whole time, even when her husband had a triple bogie on the last hole. I offered to cover the cost of the golf rounds, but he smiled and shrugged it off. He said he doesn't mind spending money. he made a good friend, but judging by his carefree attitude, I don't think I would want him in any position of authority. Oh, wait. Sigh. Goodnight.



  1. Is this in one of the Smithsonians?

  2. No, I guess my friend was taking a vacation at our campground too. He was hanging around in the office/store. Today we will be taking it easy at our campground (we are all pretty tired of walking around); tomorrow we will start our tour of D.C.

  3. Haha! That's too funny Kyle? Funny that your new friend didn't say "You want to cover the cost? Your money is mine anyway, so you have me to thank for this round!"
    Love ya,