Monday, April 29, 2013

What have I been up to, anyway?

Hello! The past couple of weeks has been very busy for me. Two weeks ago I started my latest entrepreneurial venture: working a part-time job at the Mayfield lake Youth Camp. I work 4-6 hours a day there, usually from 1:15/3:15 to 7:15 PM, and make minimum wage. I have definitely enjoyed working there and look forward to having a steadier job this summer. What do I do at that job? Well, so far it has been only raking and mowing (there is a ton of grass to mow). In the mornings I have been alternating between schoolwork, work at another place where I work, weed-whacking/spraying weeds, and tilling our garden. I was almost thankful for some rain this morning to give me a chance to write. :0)

   The weekends have also been busy. Friday and Saturday of the weekend a couple of weeks ago I went out to a trap shoot competition in Wenachee--a place over five-hours from Mossyrock. I carpooled with the team, and we stayed overnight at a Motel Eight (dun-dun-da!). I was lucky enough to get my own seedy little bed . . . but only because I slept with the viciously snoring Mossyrock AG. teacher, Mr. Hankins, in the same room. A pillow over my head didn't even come close to blocking the snoring, which almost sounded like a high-stakes caper between a freight train and Darth Vader. In our family hotel breakfasts are greatly anticipated, but the one that next morning was a great disappointment. They did have Frosted Flakes cereal, with no milk. And even waffles! with no syrup. A breakfast of champions! The breakfast room was so small that you had to be careful not to chew on your neighbor's elbow instead of your syrup-less waffle. As one of my teammates commented, "It was basically a closet with a waffle-maker in it."

I could have used this all as an excuse for my shooting on Saturday, but I actually shot pretty decent. I hit 21 of 25 on my first round of 16 yard trap, and 20 of 25 on my second. 82 percent, though it didn't win me anything, definitely did not need any excuses. Than we shot 22 yard trap, which as you can guess, is a little harder. I hit 15 of 25 on my first round and 14 of 25 on my second. All things considered, I was not happy with 58 percent, but it could have been worse. This competition did not have doubles or continentals, unfortunately. They must have known me and my teammate Nick were in town.

This past weekend my family and I were at a homeschool conference in Redmond (we sure do get around!). I enjoyed that very much, like I always have. It is so encouraging to see that we are not alone in our homeschooling; there were more than 3,000 like-minded Christians there! Then we trucked back to Centralia Saturday afternoon for a talent show Caroline graced with her presence. She was the obvious winner there (in my slightly biased opinion), playing the Pirates of the Caribbean theme, but the judges must have had some confusion or something on their part; she didn't place in the top three. That's okay, though, for we knew who really won! Good job, sis! we'll get 'em next time.

This week I will be back at my new job, working hard and looking forward to my first pay check on May 1 :0) :0) :0) (one smiley-face was not enough). This weekend our family will be out at the Spring Youth Fair in Chehalis, and the weekend after that we leave for our East Coast trip!!! Life is very busy here, but very good. TTFN for now!


  1. Are you guys going to DC? or where on the East Coast? Post pictures of your trip :-). I went over there a couple years ago and LOVED it. Have a great time.

  2. Yes, D.C., New York, the Creation Museum in Kentucky, and many other places! Should be fun. We installed a wireless internet server in our camper, so I will be able to blog on the road. I am thinking that not only will I take pictures, but some videos as well. Can't wait!

    Any recommendations for places or sights to see in D.C.?

  3. Yes... the Capitol, esp. the Rotunda and Statuary Hall. National Archives has the original Constitution and Declaration. The Library of Congress is pretty neat. Smithsonians- I would give them like a day, because there is so much in there - American History and Air and Space are cool. I didn't go into the American Indian museum. Natural Histoy has a great gemstone collection, but it's evolution all over, so we didn't spend much time in there. Absolutely go look at the cherry trees on the National Mall if you can, but don't touch them b/c it is a federal crime. :-) The Newseum (museum of news) is pretty great - 4D movie and news making, plus pieces of the Berlin Wall, etc. Holocaust museum is really sad - I would recommend that you not take the littlest siblings in there. I was really shaken up and cried a lot as an eighth grader- then again, I'm pretty sensitive, though, and more so at the time. You quadruplets might enjoy it - it is very well done. Ford's Theatre is kind of interesting. White House is also interesting. The monuments/memorials (Washington, Jefferson, etc.) are really cool as well. Definitely go see Arlington National Cemetery - it is beautiful and fascinating, especially the wreath laying. It's also next to Robert E. Lee's house. Also if you go to Virginia, make sure to see Williamsburg, Washington's Mount Vernon, and Jefferson's Monticello. Jamestown is kind of cool, but I liked the others Virginia sites better. If you go to Pennsylvania, Gettysburg and Amish country are AWESOME. I didn't see New York - it will be interesting to see your pictures. Have fun!

  4. Whoa, Thanks! I guess the question should have been what do you not recommend!:0)You basically planned our D.C. tour for us, which was good, because that was my job. Maybe I'll just print this out and use it. :0)

    I'll make sure to post some pictures of New York. I can't wait to see all the taxi cabs strangely enough, and Times Square, and the Statue of Liberty. Not sure if Virginia or Pennsylvania are on our route.

    I don't think anyone in their right mind can see holocaust pictures and not cry. I know I have. How horrible that was.

    Well, thanks for your time!

    P.S. Wasn't that voice drama guy at the talent show creepy? Brielle started crying. Definitely glad I was not in the front rows to be a "prop" to his yelling.