Wednesday, March 13, 2013


 Hello! Welcome to my new blog!

 I really do not have anything else to say, so um, let me give you a quick tour of my blog. Above me you will notice the super cool title of my blog, then below that several tabs. The first tab is self-explanatory: Home. The second tab, Stories of the Month, holds links to any short stories I will write each month. Likewise, Movie Reviews holds links to all of my expert critiques on entertainment. The Warriors for the Light tab is where you will be able to find information and updates on how my books of the same title are coming along! Sorry, if you are thinking that you can read any of my personal thoughts in my journal tab, you will be disappointed. You might find, however, some very interesting insight on this crazy homeschooler and his family there.
   To my left is an awesome little gadget: a poll taker. I love polls, so please, take the time to vote! There will be a new question every week or so. Below that is a list of blogs I follow.

 Below this post is a bunch of posts you have probably read already, so unless you want to re-read my ramblings, there really is nothing for you there.

 Finally, to my right there is some info about me. If you click on my name, you can learn even more about my interests and hobbies . . . and the answer to this very deep question: Why does the taste of pennies remind you of losing a tooth?  Just don't ask me why I was asked that question.

Well, TTFN, and long live blogging!

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