Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fall's Creek Men's Retreat

Hello, family and friends! This weekend I have been gone at our church's men's retreat! This is my second time going, and it has become a major event I look forward to every year. I had a blast! Spending the weekend with my older friends, worshipping together, praying together, eating together, discussing deep subjects together, and having fun together, was so awesome!

 Some pictures:

Our fearless worship leaders


MAN SNACKS, a haphazard pile of junk food

Saturday night dinner!
The falls of  Falls Creek

local wildlife ("Nasty little varmints!" in Richie's opinion)

Watching In His Footsteps, a three-part documentary about Nate Saint and the four other faithful servants with him. It was very good.


I can't say enough about how awesome and fun this retreat was! The study sessions were great and very thought provoking; the leaders (our elders of the church) did a very good job. The best session in my biased opinion was one led by Ted Bowes on our sonship in Christ. I needed that reminder that as our heavenly father, God loves us no matter what! After the sessions, the men split up into groups for small group discussions, which was also very good. The best part of it all was the personal reflection time, where all the men were silent for about an hour, just thoughtful and contemplative. I wrote most of my thoughts in my journal (my paper and pencil one).

 Then there was the free time!!! I loved playing Ping-Pong, watching In His Footsteps,  sitting in the main room talking, and hanging out at the hot tub. I thought about taking some pictures of the men around and in the hot tub, but I thought that might be a little disturbing since most of the men looked like so many sea lions hanging out on a boat dock. Either that or steaming red lobsters (don't tell them I said that). 

 I got to sleep in the same room with only my dad this year, so that was a plus. Of course, him trying to change his occupation from an accountant to a logger all night, sawing logs like there was no tomorrow, put a damper on my excitement, but hey! Quality father and son time. I enjoyed it so much!

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