Thursday, March 7, 2013

Remember Movie Review

Carl Jones lives a normal life. 
Sure, it might be different then how it used to be, but he doesn't remember much of that. Every day, after downing his memory-forgetting pill, he says goodbye to his wife and heads to where he works, the Child Protective Agency. His job is to make sure that the citizens of his state remain loyal. That includes keeping every child from seeing their parents and every parent their children. It is better that way, and safer. Or so Carl has been told.

Safe, the one thing that the citizens around him have given so much for when a devastating economy collapse threatened them in 2029. It is now 2050, and thanks to a few radical minded politicians, a semblance of order has returned. Of course the people now live in concrete, government-mandated houses—oh, and sometimes the new white-coated policemen have to stun citizens with a memory blocking thing-a-ma-gig—but it is a safer world. Or so Carl has been told.

Wow, you wonder, that sounds weird. Well, so does Carl—after he starts receiving strange messages from a blue gel. And he starts to remember. The memories are not pleasant and he pushes them away, but they keep reoccurring when he comes into contact with this blue gel. He doesn't know it at first, but he has been called to make a difference.

Meanwhile, his wife, Wendy, stops taking her "forgetting" pills, and she too starts remembering. The two of them start to remember things they have long forgotten, things that give a glimpse of a different life.
What follows is a whirlwind that Carl and his wife at times don't even understand, much like how the audience feels. Confusing aptly describes the life Carl has to live once he resolves to break loose from the pattern of the world he lives in. But please bear with our hero, even if you too are lost in his story. After all, what is a man to do when he finds himself on the right side of the law, but on the wrong side of truth?
Hi everyone! Above is my first try at writing a movie review like the good people of Pluggedin (Christian movie review sight) do. Tonight our family watched Remember, a finalist in the SAICFF. It definitely gets you thinking about how life could be like in a few decades. If you really think about it, it is not all that far-fetched, either. Though at times you will probably get lost in the rather sketchy story, I think Remember is worth the 20$ I paid for it. The acting is surprising good for a Christian movie, though the film quality is about what is expected. So, my free citizens, support this movie . . . while you still can.

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